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America's Veterans
are Abused, Tortured, and Mistreated,
More than Any Race, Religion, or People on Earth

To Help Veterans Everything on this Website May Be Freely Copyed, Re-printed, Published and Used By Any Means

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Were You DENIED a Florida Spouses, and Children, of Deceased, and Disabled Veterans, Educational Scholarship by the Rick Scott Administration?

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VetsForJustice Investigation Finds ...

An investigation by VetsForJustice Founder, Billy Kidwell, into the thief of his daughter's Statutory Educational Benefits revealed a scheme by Florida Governor, Rick Scott, the Director of the Florida DVA, Mike Prendergast, and Florida's Educational Commissioner, Pam Stewart, to defraud Florida's Veterans, and/or their Dependents, out of their Statutory Benefits.

Even more shocking, while the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, and his "Inner Circle", is involved in schemes to cheat Florida's Veterans, the Governor is fraudulently promoting Florida as being the best state for Veterans, while he travels all over the state giving "Rick Scott Re-Election Time Medals" to all Veterans in Florida that wants one.

The Scheme to Defraud Veterans, and/or, Their Dependents

In Florida Dependents of Dead, and 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veterans, have a Statutory Right to an Education at State Expense.

The people of Florida were so determined to take care of the dependents of those that fall in battle defending this country that they passed a law, F.S. 295.01 specifically stating;

"It is hereby declared to be the Policy of the State to provide educational opportunity, at State Expense, to dependents of dead, and 100% Service-Connected Veterans."

When a state bestows a Statutory Right, or Benefit, on someone that right, or benefit becomes a Property Interest requiring Procedural Due Process.

The State of Florida is
REQUIRED by the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution to have clear, understandable "Rules" for the application, and processing, of the Dead, or Disabled Veterans Dependents Educational Grant (CSDDV Grant), to have an Appeals Process, and to have a Due Process Hearing if the Statutory Benefit is denied.

Florida, under Governor Rick Scott, has no such process.

Proof, The Case of Hannah Kidwell

In the case of Hannah Kidwell she applied for her Statutory CSDDV Educational in Janurary 2014. The deadline to apply was April so Hannah was at least three (3) months earily.

Her dad is a 100% Service-Connected Totally, and Permanently Disabled Combat Veteran unable to work to provide her an education because of his service to this country in the Vietnam War, therefore it is the Declared Policy of the State of Florida to provide an Educational Opportunity to Hannah, at State Expense.

In February after not hearing anything from the State of Florida for a month Hannah contacted the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs to make sure her Dependent's Educational Grant (Florida calls it a CSDDV Grant) was being processed, and to see if they needed any information, or documents.

Despite the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs being created by a Constitutional Amendment to Assist Veterans, and their Dependents, and despite having a Statutory Duty to Assist Veterans, and their Dependents, the Florida DVA did not respond.

Getting worried, because the deadline to apply is April, in March both Hannah Kidwell, and her dad, Billy Kidwell, contacted the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, the Florida Department of Education, to find out if Hannah's Education Benefits were being processed and when again there was no response Billy Kidwell contacted Governor Rick Scott's Office.

Still there was no response, not even from the Governor of Florida.

In April the Kidwell Family again contacted the Florida DVA, the Florida Department of Education, and the Governor of Florida to see if Hannah's Statutory Education Benefits had been processed.

Again there was no response.

On May 9, 2014 the Kidwell Family tried filing a Complaint with Governor Rick Scott on the internet.

Still no response.


A Medal of Dishonor?

An illegal Medal
Paid for by Rick Scott Stealing From Dead Veterans

Florida's Veterans are excited that Florida's Governor, Rick Scott, is giving all of Florida's Veterans a Medal, the "
Governor's Veteran Service Award", to thank them for their service.

What Florida's Veterans don't know is that the Governor's Veteran Service Award violates Florida's Constitution, and violates the Hobbs Act.
It's illegal!

Florida Veterans also do not know the "
award" is paid for with the proceeds of Criminal Acts Against the Dependents of Dead, and 100% Service-Connected Totally Disabled Veterans, and by Rick Scott UNDERFUNDING, and STEALING from Veteran's Benefit Programs, to pay for his Re-Election Time POLITICAL Medal, being used to BUY VETERAN VOTES, corrupting Florida's Governor Election.

Every Florida Veteran taking one of the Governor's Medals is an accessory with Governor Rick Scott, reaching into the pockets of Dead, and Disabled Veterans, to
STEAL the Educational Benefits they EARNED for their Dependents with their lives, limbs, and blood.

It is a Medal of Dishonor, no Veteran with morals would accept!

Click here for the full story

The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs is Violating the Hobbs Act and Other Federal Laws, to Illegally Help Re-Elect Florida Governor Rick Scott !

Governor's Medals for Veteran's Votes

The People of Florida are entitled to a fair election however it doesn't look like they will get one.

Florida Governor, Rick Scott, who as CEO of Columbia/HCA oversaw the largest Tricare, CHAMP VA, Medicare, and Medicaid Fraud in history, is now using his "
Columbia/HCA Corporate Criminal Tactics" in his re-election bid.

Rick Scott is at it again,
targeting Florida's Veterans, as he underfunds the Florida DVA, and Statutory Veterans Benefits Programs, denying Florida's Veterans the Veteran Services they are entitled to pursuant to Florida's Constitution, and the Benefits they are entitled to pursuant to Florida Law.

1. Thanks to Rick Scott
, the Florida DVA does not have the funds to adequately comply with its Constitutional DUTY to assist Florida Veterans with their Benefits Claims.

2. The Florida DVA does not have the funds to adequately fund the Statutory Chapter 295.01 Dead, or 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veterans, Dependents Educational Benefit,
and has denied thousands of Veteran's Dependents the Educational Benefits they are lawfully ENTITLED to, due to Florida Governor, Rick Scott, UNDERFUNDING the Florida DVA.

3. The Florida DVA does not have adequate funding to supervise its employees processing benefits claims, or even train its Officers, and Employees, in how to administer Florida's Statutory Benefits for Veterans, and did not even have the funds to provide DVA Officers, and Employees with a five (5) page copy of the Florida Rules for administering Chapter 295 benefits.

How can the Florida DVA administer Florida Benefits for Veterans when its employees administering the benefits are not supervised, and have no idea what the requirements, and Rules are, since they are not even provided with a five (5) page copy of the Rules?

It should be noted that while the Florida DVA does not have the funds to provide a College Education to Dependents of
DEAD, and 100% Service-Connected Veterans, that fell in battle for this Country, one third of all Florida Lottery Tickets are sold to Veterans, and their Dependents.

And while the Florida Lottery has over Five Billion Dollars ($5,000,000,000.00) in sales, and donates One Billion Dollars ($1,000,000,000) of that to education each year, Florida's Veterans, and their families,
that buy one third of the Lottery Tickets, get less than one percent of the Billion Dollars given to Florida's Education Fund each year.

Can anyone in their right mind believe that with a Massive Billion Dollars for Education each year, as the Florida Lottery Brags, that Governor Rick Scott cannot afford to fund a small Grant Program, ONLY for Dependents of Florida Veterans that DIED in battle, or became 100% Service-Connected, Totally, and Permanently, Disabled defending this country?

And yet Rick Scott wants to provide a FREE education to illegals with the money he STEALS from America's Military that die in Combat for us.

Do the Gold Star Mothers know how Rick Scott feels about those that fall in battle?

Florida Law states
" It is the POLICY of the State of Florida to provide an education, AT STATE EXPENSE, to Dependents of the Military that died for this country, or returned from war completely disabled."

Governor Rick Scott, and the Executive Director of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, Mike Prendergast, intentionally lie to the public, saying Florida is the best state for Veterans, when they both
KNOW that Governor Scott will not give one penny, just one cent out of every dollar of the massive Florida Lottery Profits, back to Florida's Veterans.

Governor Rick Scott, who profits to the tune of at least 33 cents on every dollar of Florida Lottery Profits,
due to Veterans, refuses to follow Florida Law, and refuses to provide a college education, to the Dependents of those in the military that died, or became totally disabled, to provide the freedom we all enjoy.

How can anyone that hates Florida's Veterans as much as Rick Scott, who refuses to adequately fund a STATUTORY Education for Dependents of Dead, and Totally Disabled Veterans, claim that Florida is the best state for Veterans?

And how can Governor Scott's
"Re-Election Time Rick Scott Medals for all Veterans" be anything other than a scam, a Veteran Vote Buying Scheme?

While the Florida DVA does not have the funds to comply with its Constitutional, and Statutory Duties, it has an abundance of funds to "
assist" Governor Rick Scott with a Veteran Vote Buying Scheme, and to provide thousands, and thousands, of dollars worth of FREE fraudulent Political Advertising for Rick Scott.

While CEO at Columbia/HCA ripping off Military Families with Tricare Fraud Rick Scott spread the money around, and got just about everyone involved, so that the corruption was massive.

As Governor of Florida Rick Scott is using the same "
Criminal Tactics", spreading the money around to his Political Supporters while Florida's Veterans are robbed blind.

How Governor Rick Scott is using the Florida DVA to Rig the Governor Election

Governor Rick Scott, or "
Slick Rick" as I like to call him, has a four (4) Step Plan to use the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs to rig the Florida Governor Election.

1. First Rick Scott is diverting Taxpayer Dollars, and engaging in massive
DISCRIMINATION Against Florida Veterans, with the Florida Lottery Profits, so that he can use the funds he STEALS from Florida's Veterans to "influence" the Governor's Election by paying for his "Rick Scott Re-Election Time Medals for All Veterans" Veteran Vote Buying Program.

2. So that Florida's Veterans don't rise up against Rick Scott for
STEALING their benefits, while Discriminating Against, and Defrauding Florida's Veterans, Rick Scott has Fanatical Republican Rick Scott Supporters, such as Mike Prendergast, Executive Director of the Florida DVA, Alene Tarter, the Benefits Director, and Steve Murray, Communications Director, illegally using the Florida DVA for Politics.

Mike Prendergast violated the Congressional Intent of the Florida DVA, and set the first priority of that Veteran Agency as being getting Rick Scott Re-Elected, by using taxpayer dollars intended to help Veterans, to promote Rick Scott, to use Agency Resources to provide thousands of dollars worth of FREE Advertising for Rick Scott, all while covering-up the massive UNDERFUNDING of the Florida DVA, and UNDERFUNDING of State Veterans Programs by Rick Scott, as Mike Prendergast uses the very limited resources of the Florida DVA to assist Rick Scott with a "Re-Election Time Medal for Every Florida Veteran" Veteran Vote Buying Scheme.

In return Mike Prendergast has a very high paying job as Executive Director of the Florida DVA, with lots of "Benefits".

It's all about money!

Alene Tarter failed to train her staff, and even failed to provide them with a five-page Florida Rules Instruction for administrating the Dead, and 100% Disabled Veterans Education Program, resulting in Veteran Dependents, like Hannah Kidwell of Port Charlotte, being denied the lawful,
STATUTORY Benefits they are entitled to.

This has resulted in Florida DVA Officials administrating the grant committing Federal Crimes, such as violating Section 7 of the Privacy Act, like they did to
STEAL Hannah Kidwell's Statutory Benefits.

The money Alene Tarter saved
STEALING benefits from Florida Veterans has helped the Florida DVA send Alene Tarter to the mass awarding of "Rick Scott's Re-Election Time Medal for all Florida Veterans" Veteran Vote Buying Scheme, which is no more then a Political Rally to get Rick Scott Re-Elected.

scheming, and posting lies, as they give Rick Scott's Re-Election Campaign
Thousands of dollars worth of FREE Advertising on the Taxpayer Paid For Florida DVA Internet Website, and Florida DVA Facebook Page.

3. shortchanging

The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs was created in 1988 with a Constitutional Amendment with the
SOLE Constitutional Purpose of advocating, and assisting Florida's Veterans with their claims for benefits.

It is Unconstitutional for the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs to get involved in elections.

TheWhile the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs does not have the funds to adequately assist Veterans, or to provideWhile the very limited funds the Florida DVA does have are used to lie to Florida's Veterans on the Florida DVA's Internet Website, and Facebook Page,
untruthfully promotting the Re-election of Rick Scott, and to "assist" Governor Scott with a Re-Election Time "Rick Scott Medals for Every Veteran" Veteran Vote Buying Scheme.

It is illegal to "Buy Votes", or to give a politician anything of value for a "favor", and it is just as illegal for a politician to accept anything of value.

Nothing is as valuable at Re-Election Time for a politician as advertising, and political rallies.

Mike P

The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs claims in private e-mails to Florida Veterans, like Bill Kidwell, that it is understaffed, and does not have the funds to properly administer the Dead


Thousands of Florida Disabled Veterans, and Veterans Dependents,
Defrauded Out of their Benefits
by a POLITICAL Florida Department of Veterans Affairs

The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs was established with a Constitutional Amendment in 1988 with the specific purpose of assisting Veterans in obtaining benefits they earned with their service.

Florida Veterans seeking assistance are finding the County Veterans Service Officers are underfunded, have long waiting lists, and communication "
problems" with the Federal VA.

The Headquarters of the Florida DVA in Largo Florida takes forever to answer it's phones, and if you ask to speak to the Executive Director Mike Prendergast, or the Director of Benefits, Alene Tarter, they are out on the road full time promoting the Re-Election of Governor Rick Scott, and his
"Re-election Time Rick Scott Medals for all Florida Veterans" Veteran Vote Buying Scheme.

Dependents of Combat
Dead Veterans, and Service-Connected Veterans, 100% Disabled from Defending this Country, are lied to, abused, and denied Statutory Educational Benefits (Chapter 295 CSDDV Grants) despite Florida Law saying "It is the Policy of the State of Florida to provide those Veterans Dependents with a College Education".

Florida DVA Employees, and even Florida DVA Office Managers, are untrained in how to properly process CSDDV Grants,
and have not even read the Six Page CSDDV Fact Sheet, published by the State of Florida with the State Rules for administering the Dead, or 100% Disabled Service-Connected Veterans Dependents Educational Grant.

Not knowing the rules, or how to process the Veterans Grant, results in the Florida DVA violating Federal, and State Laws, in administering the CSDDV Grant, and even denying Veterans Dependents their Constitutional Right to Due Process, and an Appeal Process.

The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs under Governor Rick Scott is a real mess!

Office Operations Manager for the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs in Saint Petersburg states that the Florida DVA is underfunded, understaffed, and says the Florida Veterans Guide put out by the Florida Veterans Foundation, and distributed by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs
"Does not match the Statute", a nice way of saying the Florida DVA lies to Florida Veterans.

The Dishonest Florida Veterans Benefits Guide is put together by Florida DVA Executive Director Mike Prendergast, and Steve Murray.

On the Florida DVA Website there is a dishonest "News Page" where nearly every News Article praises Governor Rick Scott, who shirked the Vietnam War by enlisting in the Navy, and somehow getting assigned to a cruise in the Mediterranean on a ship that didn't even have to engage in Navy Exercises like other Navy Ships.

Governor Rick Scott's Vietnam Era Service consisted of selling sodas. [It really pays to know the right people!]

The Florida DVA News Page intentionally lies to Florida's Veterans, and while claiming the Florida DVA has the largest budget ever, to mislead Florida's Veterans, and make them believe that Veteran Programs are more than adequately funded, Dependents of our troops that died in battle, or returned from combat 100% Service-Connected are DENIED their Statutory Educational Grants because the Grant Program is way

The children of those who died in battle are having their futures destroyed, and illegally denied their
STATUTORY Veterans Dependents Education by Rick Scott, despite Florida Law, Chapter 295 stating "It is the Policy of the State of Florida to provide Dependents of Dead, and 100% Disabled Veterans a Free Education at State Expense".

While Florida Governor Rick Scott steals the
STATUTORY Educational Benefit from America's Dead, and Totally Disabled Veterans, those who actually went to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other wars for this country, paying with their blood for their Dependents to have a future, Rick Scott "earned" his free Veteran's Education by shirking the Vietnam War, and selling sodas.

WHY isn't Florida DVA Executive Director Mike Prendergast, or the Florida DVA Communications Director, Steve Murray, honest enough to tell Florida Veterans that the Dependents of Florida's Veterans that die in Combat, or returned from war totally disabled, are having their Dependent's STATUTORY Educational Benefits Denied due to Inadequate Funding by Rick Scott?

It's because the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, under the leadership of Fanitical Republican Politicans Mike Prendergast, Steve Murray, and Alene Tarter, which was created by a Constitutional Amendment to assist Veterans, has become a Dishonest Political Re-election Agency for Florida Governor Rick Scott.

The Constitutional Creation of the Florida DVA
DID NOT AUTHORIZE the Florida DVA to hold Political Rallies for Governor Rick Scott, to promote a Re-Election Rick Scott Medal for all Veterans Vote Buying Scheme, or authorize the use of Florida DVA Funds, intended for Veterans, to be used for politics.


The Florida Lottery gives One Billion Dollars ($1,000,000,000.00) to Florida Education each year.

One in every three Florida Lottery Tickets is purchased by a Florida Veteran, or a Dependent of a Florida Veteran, and yet the Rick Scott Administration refuses to return even 1% of Florida's Lottery Profits back to Florida's Veterans.

No Governor in America discriminates against Veterans, as much as Florida Governor Rick Scott does, and there is not a single state in America that violates it's
OWN Stated Policy, and denies it's Veterans Statutory Benefits, while reaping billions of dollars in Lottery Profits from them.

And just where did the Florida Lottery Profits from Florida's Veterans go?

Ask Rick Scott who has just started a Re-Election Time Free Education Program for illegal immigrants, to
BUY the spanish vote, while the same governor refuses to adequately fund Statutory Veterans Educational Programs.


Florida Governor Rick Scott's Scheme
To Reach into the Pockets of Dead Solders that Fell Defending this Country,

Medals for Everyone that Closes their Eyes!

If you were in Iraq, or Afghistan, and you saw an officer reaching into the pocket of a dead American Hero, taking the soldier's billfold, to STEAL the money in the billfold from the American Serviceman's Family, would you speak up and say something?

What if the officer told you to ignore the dead soldier being robbed, and that in return for closing your eyes, and not doing anything
that the officer would give everyone that closed their eyes a medal!

Everyone gets a cheap medal from Florida Governor Rick Scott, "Thanking you for your service", and all you have to do is close your eyes and let Governor Scott STEAL Statutory Educational Benefits from the Dependents of Dead, and 100% Disabled, American Soldiers!

Most of us would be outraged, and not only refuse to be silent, but we would probabily jump up, and do something to stop the robbery of an American Soldier.

Well in Florida Governor Rick Scott has the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, and Department of Education, committing Federal Crimes,
and engaging in all sorts of dishonesty, and corrupt acts, to reach into the pockets of America's Dead Heros, and 100% Service-Connected Veterans, to STEAL the Educational Benefits those Veterans EARNED, with their lives, and their blood, for their dependents.


Click here to read how Rick Scott paid for the Free Medals!


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