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America's Veterans Are Abused, Tortured, and Mistreated More than Any Race, Religion, or People on Earth
To Help Veterans Everything on this Website May Be Freely Copied, Reprinted, Published and Used by Any Means.


President Trump promised to clean up the Swamp in Washington D.C.

But what about the biggest Swamp in America? The massive Swamp in the United States District Court System, where America's Federal Judges have become mini-Gods, above all laws, as they openly torture Disabled Veterans, fixing cases for bribes, gifts, friends, and to repay political favors to the Corporations that had their lobbyists bribe our politicans, to get America's Corrupt Judges appointed.

America's Disabled Veterans going to the Courts against the Department of Veterans Affairs for illegally shredding their VA Records, or the DVA committing some other crime to cheat them, have quickly learned how corrupt, and dishonest, America's Federal Court Syatem really is.

Now the corruption in the Federal Courts, and the boldness of America's Elitist Judge-Gods, whom are above the law, and have no ethics, has reached the point that Federal Judges in the Eleventh Circuit openly torture America's Disabled Veterans, targeting the disabilities of Disabled Veterans, while using torture like Court-Ordered Sleep Deprivation, in schemes by Federal Judges to cause the death of Veterans, in schemes as the Courts in the Eleventh Circuit fix cases for their "friends", or to repay Political Favors.


Florida's Amusement Parks, Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld, do not want America's Disabled Veterans on walkers, and in wheelchairs, sometimes without limbs, or being assisted by a Service Dog, SeaWorldNon-disabled citizens can buy a ticket to a Florida Amusement Park and ride One Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, who ha


Florida, like most states, is a horrendous place for America's Disabled Combat Veterans, needing Service Animals, to live.

Disabled Veterans are not allowed to merely sit on a beach with their Service Animal, and enjoy the sunset, because Service Animals are sporadically banned by Florida Law Enforcement, many of whom are untrained in the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and believe local ordinances banning dogs from beaches applies to Service Animals.

Disabled Veterans needing Service Animals are not allowed to shop in stores for food, and the necessaries of life, 's Amuse


If Each Veteran Just Donated a Dollar We Could Incorporate and Help Veterans.

With No Money
VetsForJustice.Com Has Done More for Veterans
Than Any of the Established Veterans Groups

Our History

One Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, who has been fighting corruption in the Veterans Administration (now DVA) for 46 years founded on December 24, 2002 paying for the website, and all expenses himself.

The first issue took on was the Disabled Veterans Tax, also known as Concurrent Reciept, and started uniting Grassroots Veterans Groups as a unit calling it "One Voice".

It wasn't long before Kidwell's website snowballed into a massive Veterans Movement getting over eight million (8,000,000) hits in the first six months, as Kidwell did radio shows by phone from his home exposing the inhuman abuse, torture, and mistreatment of America's Veterans by the very country they had fought for.

Kidwell joined with a California Grassroots Veterans Group run by Bill Gast called "WeSupportThe", and a freshman Congressman from Georgia, Jim Marshall, who became the leader on fighting the Disabled Veterans Tax.

Congressman Jim Marshall called the grassroots leader fighting the Disabled Veterans Tax, and provided a link to VetsForJustice.Com from Jim Marshall's Congressional Website.

Thanks to the unity of the grassroots Veterans Groups, and the leadership of Congressman Jim Marshall, who submitted a bill to abolish the Disabled Veterans Tax, Grassroots Veterans were successful in obtaining a partical repeal of the unjust Disabled Veterans Tax.

This shows what Veterans can do when they UNITE together!

The Established Veterans Groups Don't Care!

The American Legion, VFW, DAV, none of the major Veterans Groups had even come close to doing as much for Veterans as Congressman Marshall,, and had done in such a short time by UNITING Veterans.

Congressman Marshall got out of politics, Bill Gast's health caused him to withdraw from fighting Veterans Issues, as did Billy Kidwell's health, causing to fade in popularity, since we had no donations, and no funds to operate, and continue to solve Veterans Issues.

Kidwell has a family to support on his small, fixed VA Disability Income, and could not afford to do more than keep the website, that had done so much, just barely up, and running.

Fraud Everywhere

Meanwhile, the Established Veterans Groups, with the members, and the power, to actually clean up the corrupt Department of Veterans Affairs, rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, as they sell out America's Veterans, and do little, or nothing, to clean up the VA, and stop the inhuman abuse, of those they are accepting all those donations for.

We have documented that from 1969 to the present, a time period of forty-seven (47) years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has defrauded Veterans to cheat them out of their benefits, while murdering tens of thousands of America's Disabled Veterans with medical waiting lists, and horrable, substandard Medical Care, when the DVA does provide Medical Care.

Does anyone in their right mind really believe that the American Legion with it's 2.4 million members, and yearly assets of over $166,000,000, or the VFW with over 1.2 million members, and yearly assets of over $142,000,000 could not clean up any of the massive corruption in the Department of Veterans Affairs in the past fifty (50) years?

The "Established" Veterans Organizations have more than enough funds, resourses, and clout to clean up the Department of Veterans Affairs any time they want. They just don't care.


1. Female Veterans are discriminated against and denied "Meaningful" Access to the Benefits they EARNED.

Out of thousands, and thousands, of Female Disabled Veterans exposed to toxins, and poisons, at Fort McClellan NOT ONE has ever received Service-Connected Benefits for their exposure, and the cancers, and illnesses they have suffered from their exposure.

And not one Veterans Group has filed a suit, or done anything, to stop this Sexual Discrimination against Disabled Female Veterans although all of the many Veterans Groups will fight for MALE Veterans exposed to Agent Orange.

The judges, and attorneys, on the Board of Veterans Affairs were recently caught sending racist, and sexist, emails making it clear that the DVA Board of Veterans Appeals is not honest, impartical, or fair when it comes to Disabled Female Veterans, and discriminates against female Veterans.

DVA Attorneys on the Board of Veterans Appeals have been caught shreding evidence in Veterans Claim Files, to cheat Disabled Veterans, and the DVA clearly does not like, or care for Female Disabled Veterans.

Seeing that Female Veterans exposed to poisons, and toxins, at Fort McClellan receive the SERVICE-CONNECTED Benefits they Earned will be our Top Priority!

As will seeing that Female Veterans start receiving fair, and honest, treatment by the Department of Veterans Affairs, once we are incorporated.

2. Tens of thousands of Veterans have evidence in their VA Claim Files shreded, and illegally destroied, as part of an Official Policy by the DVA to cheat Disabled Veterans out of their benefits.

For the past forty-seven (47) years that we have been watching the DVA we have caught the VA Regional Offices, VA Regional Counsel for the Regional Offices, the Board of Veterans Appeals, the Attorneys on the Board of Veterans Appeals, General Counsel for the DVA, and nearly every upper-level VA Official shreding VA Records to cheat Disabled Veterans, falsifying VA Records, and committing assorted crimes to not only defraud America's Disabled Veterans out of the benefits they EARNED, but to OBSTRUCT Veterans from ever seeing an honest day in any Court. [Click here for most recent shredding story.]

The DVA is just as sleazy, and dishonest, as any criminal in prison, or any Mafia Crime Family, and it will be a priority, once we are incorporated, to EXPOSE, and get petitions, and Mandamus Court ORDERS, to get the criminals that are running the DVA, and defrauding Veterans, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

3. Disabled Veterans are knowingly MURDERED by the DVA as they die waiting for the Medical Care they EARNED with their military service.

For at least forty-seven (47) years we have provided indisputable evidence to Secretaries of the DVA, to the VA Inspector General, and to the F.B.I., and to both the Senate, and House Committees on Veterans Affairs, of Veterans being intentionally driven to sucide by VA Officials, of Veterans dying because of illegal DVA Medical Care Waiting Lists, and of inhuman Medical Malpractice at DVA Facilities.

None of those government officials have ever responded.

It will be our  priority to expose the ongoing inhuman treatment of America's Disabled Veterans, and to do everything in our power to stop this inhuman abuse by those that run our government.

4. DVA Attorneys, when they are not destroying evidence in Veterans Claim Files, or falsifying VA Records to STEAL from Disabled Veterans, or committing Perjury before the Courts to cheat some Disabled Veteran, are now setting up fake VA charities to defraud the public.

Recently a Rolls Royce Driving DVA Attorney, a top DVA Attorney in charge of the Office of General Counsel for the DVA, J. Thomas Burch, was caught running a phony Disabled Veterans Chairity, the "National Vietnam Veterans Foundation".

DVA Attorneys aren't the only ones running fake charities. Congresswoman Corrine Brown a "Do Nothing Leader" on the Congressional House Committee on Veterans Affairs used a fake chairity to rip off Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars ($800,000). [Click here to read about Corrine Brown's $800,000 rip off! ]

We are presently investigating a Veterans Chairity  that received over eighteen million dollars ($18,000,000) in donations and gave only a couple of thousand dollars worth of shorts they bought on sale to Veterans.

If we had even half of the money these fake charities get we would be solving many of the Veterans Issues addressed here because we intend to make sure every dollar donated goes to help Veterans like it is intended.

When questioned about the massive fraud towards America's Disabled Veterans the Department of Veterans Affairs stated, in essense, that they see nothing wrong with High-Level DVA Attorneys defrauding the public, and ripping of Disabled Veterans in their free time to pay for their Rolls Royce, and a lavish life style.

5. The DVA is at war with older Disabled Veterans and has a Policy of doing everything the DVA can to send older Veterans in endless circles on their claims, in the hope that the older Veteran will die before the DVA has to give them the benefits they EARNED, and are legally entitled to.

Getting America's older disabled Veterans the lawful benefits they EARNED before they die will be our fifth priority.stablishment Politicans, and criminals, have taken over the United States Government and the system is completely corrupt.

We intend to fight for the Veterans that the Established Veterans Groups ignore, and refuse to help. The little forgotten guy, or gal.

This is why Veterans need at least one Non-Profit that puts the Veteran FIRST!

And this is why we want to incorporate




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