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America's Veterans
are Abused, Tortured, and Mistreated,
More than Any Race, Religion, or People on Earth

To Help Veterans Everything on this Website May Be Freely Copyed, Re-printed, Published and Used By Any Means

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Another Veteran Dies Because of VA Malpractice

Senate Approves Suicide Bill While VA Drives Veterans to Suicide !

President Proposes $169 Billion Budget for a Department of Veterans Affairs Infested with Corruption!
While Our Troops Died for Democracy Overseas, a Group of Anti-American, Conservative, Activist,Judges Overthrew Our Constitution, Took Over the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta, and Destroyed Freedom at Home

America with her freedom, and Constitutional Rights, where every individual was important, and could seek justice when wronged, has always been a light to the world.

But while America's Military was being sent to Foreign Battlefields, shedding their blood, and giving their lives, to bring Democracy to the world, groups of gangsters, mafia Crime Families, Corporate Crooks, and the wealthy that wanted to be above the law because of their money, secretly overthrew our government, and took over the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia.

While no nation on earth was powerful enough to overthrow our government a handful of corrupt judges, owing favors to the rich, and powerful, have overthrown our government, and America's Constitution, from within.

It turned out that money, Corrupt Corporations, and vast political power in the wrong hands, was more dangerious to America, and our way of life, than Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, or even ISIS.

No Citizen, Middle Class, or Working Person, Elderly Person, Disabled Person, Military Member, Veteran, or Poor Person in Alabama, Florida, or Georgia Has Constitutional, or even Basic Human Rights Anymore

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta has made it the law in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia that ONLY the rich, and powerful, Corporations, and Crime Families have a right to access America's Courts, or are entitled to any Constitutional Rights.

If you work for a living, are on Social Security after working your whole life, are serving in the military, or are a Veteran, or Disabled Veteran, the Eleventh Circuit has no use for you and will use a number of dishonest, illegal tactics to deny you even Basic Human Rights.

Ed Carnes is the Chief Judge of the Eleventh Circuit and he has set a policy in the Eleventh Circuit that mere citizens are to be considered less than human, without any Constitutional Rights, unless they are wealthy enough to afford to hire an Attorney to protect them.

It is Chief Judge Ed Carnes view that only the wealthy, and powerful, are entitled to rights, or fair treatment.

That the Rule of Law does not matter, and that the rich, Corporations, and Crime Families are above the law and may freely disobey Judgment ORDERS of the United States Supreme Court, and the Eleventh Circuit.

It is also the policy of the Eleventh Circuit to cover up for corrupt judges because it is Chief Judge Ed Carnes view that judges are above the law, and may freely fix cases for "
friends", or even for RICO, or Mafia Crime Families.

Chief Judge Ed Carnes believes that anyone not in the upper class, not a Corporation, or not a Organized Crime Figure is not entitled to basic honesty, and encourages dishonesty, and criminal conduct, to victimize the working, and poor citizens in America.

Chief Judge Ed Carnes, and a "
Clique" of like-minded puppet judges for the rich and powerful in the Eleventh Circuit, have done what no foriegn Army could do.

They overthrew the United States Government, our Constitution, and the ideas we stood for, as they overthrew America from within, mocking the sacfricies of our brave troops on foriegn soil.

We are asking the United States Department of Justice to investigate the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, to restore an honest Court, and our Constitution, and to return Constitutional, and Basic Human Rights to the public, to the citizens of this Great Country.

You can help. Our troops died for Democracy, and our Constitution.

The least we can do is each of us write, or e-mail, the United States Department of Justice and demand an honest, impartical investigation of the Eleventh Circuit, and its inhuman, unconstitutional treatment of citizans.

Demand that the corrupt judges be impeached, and prosecuted.

And demand the restoration of the United States Constitution, and the ideas so many of our brave soldiers gave their lives for.

Do this for our troops.


By Bringing Democracy to America!

America was founded on the best ideas of any nation in the world.

A country of the People, by the People, and for the People, where any person could run for office and one day be President, where the poor, those working for a living, and especally those that fought for this country had the Constitutional Right to a fair, honest Court System to seek redress if they were cheated, or harmed.

A country where you had the freedom to worship as you believed and the government was required to stay out of religion.

A nation where people had rights, and where no idiot would even attempt to claim that a Corporation, a legal entity formed by the rich for business, and tax, advanages was a "
Person" with rights.

A Nation that kept it's word to America's Veterans, caring for the wounded, and providing the benefits promised.

Today's America is not the country America's Founders intended it to be.

While patriots enlisted in the military after the 911 attack on America and went off to war believing they were fighting for Democracy overseas, the rich, and powerful, in America who hate our Constitution, hate our Freedom, and the values we were founded on used their wealth, political connections, lobbyists, and corrupt judges to abolist the Constitution, and secretly overthrow our government as they put puppets in office that they control.

While America's Troops bled, and died on foriegn soil, the American Public sat silently by as the rich, and powerful, used lobbyists, and bribary, to pass laws to overthrow the American Constitution, take away even Basic Human Rights from the public, and create an America where only the rich, and powerful, have "
Meaningful" rights.

The Loss of the Right for Anyone to Hold Public Office

America's Founders intended for anyone to be able to run for office, and for their to be integrity, for corrupt public officials to be prosecuted.

Today there is two Corrupt Rico Mafia Crime Families controlling America, the Democrat Party, and the Republican Party, and if you want to run for office you
MUST belong to one of those two crime families, if you want any chance of winning, and you have to re-pay the rich donors in those crime families that pay to put you in office.

The public needs to get involved and pass laws providing for public funding of elections to stop having bribed, puppet politicans selling our government.

We need independant Federal Law Enforcment that is not controlled by either political party, and is overseen by a public commission of citizens, as a safeguard to investigate political corruption.

The Loss of the Right for Citizens to Have an Honest Day in Court When Wronged

America's Founders intended for anyone wronged, wheather they be poor, or rich, to have an honest day in Court and incorporated this Fundmental Right in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

This was the very first right the rich, and powerful, took from the public.

The Walmart Family can freely overcharge, and cheat, you in its stores, or arbitrarily ban you from it's stores, for no reason at all, as Walmart has done to Disabled American Veterans for merely compairing prices, and as Walmart has done to elderly citizens for merely calling the police after they were assaulted and robbed inside Walmart Stores.

Bank of America can loan you money for a house and then FORCE you to pay three, and four times as much to them for insurance, as a real insurance company charges, and not tell you who you have insurance with, and refuse to pay any insurance claim, stealing your money and you can do nothing.

Carnival Cruise Lines can charge you for a cruise and poison your whole family with e-coli water and you can do nothing.

It is open season on America's Citizens, and especally on the elderly, disabled, and America's Veterans, and you can't do anything because the Constitutional Right to "
Meaningful" Access to the Courts has been abolished by corrupt, bribed judges.

Corporations like Walmart, Bank of America, Carnival Cruise Lines, General Motors, Conagra, and on, and on, and of course all of Wall Street, are all above the law and may freely commit any crime against you, and the Courts will do nothing.

In the Eleventh Circuit Carnival Cruise Lines is more powerful You can do nothing because Walmart is a corporation above the law because America's Courts are now closed to the public.

You have to be able to afford an Attorney to access America's Courts.

consumers at their storeto be
still have the illusion of freedomWhile America'sSometimes Congress does something that is so Anti-American

The Congressional Budget Office Wants to Revoke IU Payments

Sometimes Congress does something that is so Anti-American, and so morally wrong, that it is just hard to understand. This is one of those times.

After taking as long as 56 years to process a Veterans Disability Claim,
with many longer claims still pending, the Congressional Budget Office is out to take Unemployabily Benefits from elderly Disabled Veterans unable to fight back.

This same Congress refuses to tax Billionaire Micky Arison, the owner of 11 Cruise Line Brands who incorporates his Miami Based Cruise Lines in Panama to shirk American Taxes.

Micky Arison can lie and say his Carnival Cruise Lines is in Panama, is a Panama Corporation, and in the very next breath say they are based in Miami, and Congress takes his bribes, and allows him to lie to shirk taxes.
It's legal!

While Congress has unlimited funds for Billionaires, for at least 56 years the DVA has been sending America's Disabled Veterans in endless circles to
STEAL the meger benefits they EARNED, while Congress has done nothing!

WHY are we transfering all the wealth of this country to Billionaires, that have more money than they can ever spend, while we starve, and go after America's Veterans that shed their blood, and gave their lives, for this country?

WHY is Congress unable to stand seeing an American Disabled Veteran get a penny in his pocket to live on, or have a crust of bread to eat?

Female Veterans that were knowingly, and intentionally, subjected to toxins at Fort McClellan cannot even get one honest Service-Connected Disability Claim Processed, as they suffer, and die from the toxins.

But yet Congress has Rich Man's Welfare, and Tax Breaks of all sorts, for the Walmart Family,
the richest family in the world, while America's Taxpayers have to support starving underpaid Walmart Workers with Taxpayer Paid for Food Stamps.

It's not America's Veterans looting the treasury. It's the Arison Family, the Walton Family, Exxon, Bank of America, Wallstreet, all shirking taxes, and looting our treasury with their tax loopholes, their Rich Man Welfare Programs, as the powerful expect America's Working Class, and America's Veterans to support them.

If just one of these crooks were required to pay the same taxes a teenager working at McDonalds pays, or the same taxes a worker at Walmart pays, America would have enough money to pay off every pending VA Claim, and enough money for the Department of Veterans Affairs to actually start being honest!

1. Tell YOUR Congressman America's Veterans are fed up.

2. That we want Congress to leave our money alone.

3. That we want an
HONEST VA Claims Process where America's Female Veterans are awarded Service-Connected Benefits for their Military Toxin Exposure.

4. And that we want the backlog of VA Claims
HONESTLY resolved.



President Obama, and Congress, need to stop throwing billions of dollars at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and instead need to PROSECUTE Dishonest Service Center Managers, Corrupt Regional Directors, and the DVA's Attorneys, which are incapable of honesty.

Instead of just wasting money we need to clean up the Culture of Corruption in the Department of Veterans Affairs and start providing America's Veterans an
HONEST VA Claims System.


The Congressional Budget Office Wants to Revoke IU Payments

Sometimes Congress does something that is so Anti-Ame

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