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America's Veterans Are Abused, Tortured, and Mistreated More than Any Race, Religion, or People on Earth
To Help Veterans Everything on this Website May Be Freely Copied, Reprinted, Published and Used by Any Means.


We contacted every Republican member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, including the Republican Chairman, Chuck Grassley, and Senator, Ted Cruz, who is running for President.

We provided every Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee with indisputable proof three judges on the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Judges Frank Hull, William Pryor, and Julie Carnes, are fixing cases against Disabled Veterans.

We provided them proof Judges Frank Hull, William Pryor, and Julie Carnes Ordered a Deathly-Ill Disabled Veteran to violate his doctor's Orders, and endanger his life, as a "Requirement" to exercise his Constitutional Right of Access to the Courts.

That Judges Frank Hull, William Pryor, and Julie Carnes are trying to cause the death of an Elderly, 100% Service-Connected Disabled American Veteran.

Not even the Courts in Russia, Red China, or Hitler's Germany were that corrupt, and dishonest!

Ted Cruz, Chuck Grassley, and that a single Republican Member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary cared enough about America's Disabled Veterans, or the Federal Courts they are supposed to oversee, to even respond.

How can Senator Ted Cruz be President when he cares nothing about America's Constitution, nothing about the massive corruption in the Federal Courts, and nothing about America's Constitution?

When Federal Judges can punish citizens for exposing corruption, threaten citizens, and impose Sanctions against a Disabled Combat Veteran for being unable to afford an attorney, while the judges try to aggrivate the Disabled Veterans Disabilities to cause his death, while Ted Cruz, Chuck Grassley, and the Senate Committee on the Judiciary refuse to do anything, we no longer have a Democracy in America.

When it takes a lobbyist with bags of dirty cash to get America's Senators, like Ted Cruz, to do their job, and respond to a complaint, we no longer have a Democracy.

When American's Veterans are asked to donate to the Republican Party, or to vote Republican, we need to remember how we are treated by the Republican Party when we needed their help.

Are the Democrates any better?

We are now going to contact every Democratic Member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and we shall let you know how they respond.

We have a Personal Message for Senator Chuck Grassley.

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." - Albert Einstein


"VA NEWS !!!
America's Veterans Are Fed Up With the Lies

Missouri WW II Veteran is still fighting his claim for mustard gas exposure!

VA Medical Care at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center proves VA Secretary Robert McDonald has done nothing to clean up the DVA.

VA Secretary Robert McDonald engaged in discrimination against Female, and Elderly, Disabled Veterans as he waits for them to die as a means of denying their lawful Disability Claims.


The DVA's Sexual Discrimination Against Female Veterans!

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been engaged in a long "Con Game", lying, and using outright dishonesty, and sex discrimination to cheat Female Veterans out of their Service-Connected Benefits for being exposed to the Most Toxic place on Earth, Fort McCellan.

Those female Veterans are now suffering, and dying, from that Toxic Exposure durring their military service.

If the Veteran-Victims were male, instead of female, the established Veterans Groups such as the VFW, DAV, American Legion, etc. would have jumped on this issue long ago, just like they did when the VA was engaged in their con games, refusing to pay Disabled Veterans Benefits for severe P.T.S.D. for at least fifteen (15) years after the Vietnam War.

Because there are so few female Veterans, and even less that join the Established Veterans Groups, they are ignored, disrespected, and discriminated against by the Established Veterans Groups that have done little, or nothing, to help America's Disabled Female Veterans exposed Toxins at the "Most Toxic Place on Earth".

We STRONGLY urge every Veteran belongly to an Established Veterans Group ask their leadership WHY they have not been more active in fighting this injustice.

We have a Challenge for DVA Secretary Robert A. McDonald.

TELL THE TRUTH about the Toxic Exposure of Female Veterans at Fort McClellan, and pay them the Service-Connected Benefits they EARNED.... or take your family, move, and live on the Toxic Lands at former Fort McClellan, if you are telling the truth, that the DVA believes that land is not toxic.

It's time for the lies to end.

Either stop stealing from America's Female Veterans that are suffering from their military service at the Most Toxic Place on Earth, or, if you are telling the truth that you believe all the experts are wrong, and thousands of victims are wrong,

Take YOUR family, and move to Fort McClellan, have YOUR family drink the water, lets see YOU live at Fort McClellan if you are telling the truth about it being safe.

We Challenge YOU to man-up and be truthful. To pay America's Female Disabled Veterans suffering from the massive Toxic Exposure at Fort McClellan the Service-Connected Benefits they EARNED.



The Disabled Veterans Tax Sneaks Back !

Once again the evil face of the Disabled Veterans Tax raises it's head in an E-Mail we received today, and America's Corrupt, Anti-Veteran Legal System is again exposed.

The top 1% do NOT want our military, or Veterans, to receive fair treatment, or honest benefits, because they need to keep the cost of wars low, so the Military Industral Complex can STEAL all those billions of dollars.

Recent examples are CBS exposing that Military Contractors charged US taxpayers Forty-Three Million Dollars ($43,000,000.00) to build a gas station that is normally built for fifty thousand dollars.

No one will ever be charged, or go to jail for STEALING that Forty-Three Million Dollars and yet the United States Government cannot stand for a soldier to receive the Military Retirement Benefits they earn with years of Military Service, and Disability Benefits, which is a completely SEPERATE benefit, if they become disabled.

Click here to read the e-mail we received from a Retired Combat Veteran



As many Veterans Rights Activists know, we were the leader uniting the grassroots Veterans Groups to fight the Disabled Veterans Tax, also called "Concurrent Reciept", and the only Veterans Group with links from a Congressional Website. (Former Georgia Congressman, Jim Marshall, a Veterans Hero who repealed part of the Disabled Veterans Tax linked to us, and called us the leader fighting the Disabled Veterans Tax).

We were founded by a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, and when his health got too poor to keep this site updated, we faded from the Veterans Rights Fight.

We are now back, active, and intend to grow larger and continue the fight for justice and Basic Human Rights for those that have made us free.

We hope you will support, and join us.



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