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America's Veterans
are Abused, Tortured, and Mistreated,
More than Any Race, Religion, or People on Earth

To Help Veterans Everything on this Website May Be Freely Copyed, Re-printed, Published and Used By Any Means


........................BREAKING NEWS........................

The Constitution is gone. We are now an Oligarchy.
America has been secretly inflitrated and defeated by a handful of Billionaires, and Corporations, far more evil than ISIS.

While our troops have been fighting, and giving their lives for our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the great ideas this country was founded on, the United States Government has been secretly infiltrated, and quietly overthrown, by a handful of Billionaires, and Corporations, using "lobbyists" carrying bottomless bags of money.

The Constitution, and even Basic Human Rights, no longer exist in America.

Both political parties have sold the public, and our country out.

Lobbyists bribe, and
OWN, Congress which passes laws benefiting the rich, and powerful, the "elite" that now control our Oligarchy Form of Government.

America's Treasury is being looted by Congress and sent to the handful of "
American Gods" that own, and control, our government with their lobbyists, and bribes, leaving our government so deep in debt we are unable to keep our promises to our own Veterans, and the elderly, as Americans become "financial slaves" to the elite, and powerful, without even knowing it.

Our bribed Congress appoints Corporate Judges, OWNED by the rich, and powerful, to assure no working-class citizen, or American Veteran, ever sees an honest day in Court, giving the DVA the power to commit any crime to cheat a Disabled Veteran.

America's "
leaders" have sold our Constitution, sold our children's future, and sold our way of life to a handful of enemies by taking "gifts" from lobbyists in return for "favors".

They are far worst than ISIS, because we have no defense for bribes.

America's Disabled Veterans will never see a single honest day in the Department of Veterans Affairs, or any Agency,
or Court, and continue to be cheated out of the benefits they EARNED,until we UNITE, and get rid of the lobbyists, and those they are bribing, and clean up our government, bringing Democracy back to America.

There will never be a speck of fairness, or justice, for America's Veterans until we take our government back and once again become a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

We need to
UNITE and we need to get rid of the bribery system, and vote out every politican that takes bribes, in BOTH political parties!

Or we will never find justice, or see real freedom again.



Hundreds of thousands of America's Disabled Veterans, including a whole "Class" of female Veterans that were knowingly exposed to Toxins at Fort McClellan, have wasted their lives fighting for the benefits they EARNED while America's Corrupt Oligarchy Government uses every dirty, illegal, trick in the book to cheat them.

The Department of Veterans Affairs
ALWAYS has some Corporate-Controlled Scumbag, usually with strong ties to the drug industry, appointed as the Secretary.

It is "
normal" for the Department of Veterans Affairs to shredd letters, and evidence favorable to the Veteran, for the DVA to habitually lie about the Actual Material Facts, and for the DVA to send America's Disabled Veterans in endless circles, waiting for them to die, or to intentionally drive America's Disabled Veterans to sucide.

Simply put, while on paper we have a great benefits program for Veterans in reality America has the most corrupt, dishonest, apalling claims process in the world for administering VA Claims!

It is the "Policy" of our Corporate-Controlled Government to desert, betray, and screw those that put their lives on the line for this country.

So what can we do when the Fox, with Chicken Blood flowing from his corrupt mouth, is in power, and "
guarding" the Chicken House?

Veterans have spent their lives fighting their VA Claims while the DVA keeps shredding their records, destroying the evidence in their VA Claim Files, while using dilatory tactics to fustrate the Disabled Veteran, until the Veteran gives up, dies of old age, or commits sucide.

Since the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims is part of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the judges on the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims play golf, drink, and run in the same circles as VA Attorneys in Washington, and are not about to afford any honesty towards a Disabled Veteran, just what can you do?

Well first you need to find a way to use a regular U.S. District Court since the Veterans Court is clearly rigged against you.

The Privacy Act
This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advise. Please consult an attorney for legal advise.

Since the DVA, and the Secretary of the DVA, cannot be sued in the Federal Court System for Veterans Benefits one way you can win is to sue the DVA in your United States District Court pursuant to the Privacy Act when the DVA falsifies your VA Records to cheat you.

You cannot ask for benefits but you can force the DVA to correct your DVA Records to reflect the truth, which can result in benefits.

You can request a copy of your DVA Records pursuant to the Freedom of Information/Privacy Act by making a request in writing with the Regional FOIA/Privacy Act Officer.

Any fraudulent information in your file can be corrected by sending a request to correct your record pursuant to the Privacy Act, alony with any information supporting your claim that the DVA's records is not correct to the same Regional F.O.I.A./Privacy Act Officer.

The DVA has ten (10) days to acknowledge your request for correction.

If your request is denied you may then sue, pursuant to the Privacy Act, to force the DVA to correct your records.

Some very good information about the Privacy Act can be found on the IRS website by clicking here.

Title 18 1519 Can be a Very Powerful Weapon!
This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advise. Please consult an attorney for legal advise.

If you find the DVA has falsified your records, or violated some rule, or law you can always contact the Senate, and House Committee on Veterans Affairs.

Once you ask the Senate, or House Committee on Veterans Affairs for an investigation of your case it becomes a Federal Crime pursuant to Title 18 1519 for any employee, or person at the DVA to "
alter, destroy, falsify, conceal any fact, or cover-up any record, or document, with the intent to impede, obstruct, or wrongly influence the proper investigation of your complaint with the House, or Senate".

The statute is here and you should research this as it can be extremely powerful against crooks like the Department of Veterans Affairs.

These are just a couple of ways around the prohibation against suing the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A way to force a very corrupt government to be honest.


The Only Way Veterans Will Ever Find Justice is to UNITE Together !
We Need Numbers!

Our Creed



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