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America's Veterans
are Abused, Tortured, and Mistreated,
More than Any Race, Religion, or People on Earth

To Help Veterans Everything on this Website May Be Freely Copyed, Re-printed, Published and Used By Any Means

........................BREAKING NEWS........................

Another Veteran Dies Because of VA Malpractice

Senate Approves Suicide Bill While VA Drives Veterans to Suicide !

President Proposes $169 Billion Budget for a Department of Veterans Affairs Infested with Corruption!

The Congressional Budget Office Wants to Revoke IU Payments

Sometimes Congress does something that is so Anti-American, and so morally wrong, that it is just hard to understand. This is one of those times.

After taking as long as 56 years to process a Veterans Disability Claim,
with many longer claims still pending, the Congressional Budget Office is out to take Unemployabily Benefits from elderly Disabled Veterans unable to fight back.

This same Congress refuses to tax Billionaire Micky Arison, the owner of 11 Cruise Line Brands who incorporates his Miami Based Cruise Lines in Panama to shirk American Taxes.

Micky Arison can lie and say his Carnival Cruise Lines is in Panama, is a Panama Corporation, and in the very next breath say they are based in Miami, and Congress takes his bribes, and allows him to lie to shirk taxes.
It's legal!

While Congress has unlimited funds for Billionaires, for at least 56 years the DVA has been sending America's Disabled Veterans in endless circles to
STEAL the meger benefits they EARNED, while Congress has done nothing!

WHY are we transfering all the wealth of this country to Billionaires, that have more money than they can ever spend, while we starve, and go after America's Veterans that shed their blood, and gave their lives, for this country?

WHY is Congress unable to stand seeing an American Disabled Veteran get a penny in his pocket to live on, or have a crust of bread to eat?

Female Veterans that were knowingly, and intentionally, subjected to toxins at Fort McClellan cannot even get one honest Service-Connected Disability Claim Processed, as they suffer, and die from the toxins.

But yet Congress has Rich Man's Welfare, and Tax Breaks of all sorts, for the Walmart Family,
the richest family in the world, while America's Taxpayers have to support starving underpaid Walmart Workers with Taxpayer Paid for Food Stamps.

It's not America's Veterans looting the treasury. It's the Arison Family, the Walton Family, Exxon, Bank of America, Wallstreet, all shirking taxes, and looting our treasury with their tax loopholes, their Rich Man Welfare Programs, as the powerful expect America's Working Class, and America's Veterans to support them.

If just one of these crooks were required to pay the same taxes a teenager working at McDonalds pays, or the same taxes a worker at Walmart pays, America would have enough money to pay off every pending VA Claim, and enough money for the Department of Veterans Affairs to actually start being honest!

1. Tell YOUR Congressman America's Veterans are fed up.

2. That we want Congress to leave our money alone.

3. That we want an
HONEST VA Claims Process where America's Female Veterans are awarded Service-Connected Benefits for their Military Toxin Exposure.

4. And that we want the backlog of VA Claims
HONESTLY resolved.



President Obama, and Congress, need to stop throwing billions of dollars at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and instead need to PROSECUTE Dishonest Service Center Managers, Corrupt Regional Directors, and the DVA's Attorneys, which are incapable of honesty.

Instead of just wasting money we need to clean up the Culture of Corruption in the Department of Veterans Affairs and start providing America's Veterans an
HONEST VA Claims System.


The Real Reason Veterans are Cheated

As far back as WW2, and the Korea War, the Veterans Administration, now Department of Veterans Affairs, has been completely corrupt, from the White House which oversees Federal Agencies to the local Regional Decision Makers.

Vietnam Veterans, and female Veterans poisoned with toxins at Fort McClellan, are denied medical care, and benefits they
EARNED while every President, and every administration, in the past 45 years has been unable to clean up the culture of corruption that runs rampant in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Why does America treat her Veterans so inhumanly?

We need look no further than the Super Bowl!

Sounds crazy? Does any person in their right mind really believe that in the past 45 years not one United States President, or either political party, had the clout to clean up the massive corruption in the VA Claims process?

Soldiers, aviators, and sailors who took part in U.S. Nuclear Tests between 1946 and 1962, or were exposed to radiation in Japan after WWII found themselves with cancers, and other health problems, in a VA System so corrupt most of them died without proper medical care, or the benefits they earned.

It took Korea War Veteran, Willie McCall, 56 years for the DVA to process, and grant the Disability Benefits he EARNED.

Disabled Vietnam Veteran, Billy Kidwell, had his VA Claim File illegally destroied three (3) times, and
it took the DVA 38 years to process Kidwell's VA Disability Claim.

Presently the DVA is illegally concealing Federal Court Records for Case 84-0399 in the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. because it exposes the former Secretary of the VA, and the VA Office of General Counsel, committing
PERJURY to steal Kidwell's VA Disability backpayment.

Sue Frasier, and thousands of other female Veterans, were secretly exposed to PCB's, and other toxins, at Fort McClellan which was a training center for the Womans Army Corps.

60 Minutes exposed that Anniston, Alabama, where Fort McClellan is, is the most toxic place on earth.

According to 60 minutes Fort McClellan is so toxic people need to wear gas masks to cut their grass because of the PCB's. The chemical giant, Monsanto, agreed to pay 700 million dollars for cleanup.

Female Veterans that were stationed at Fort McClellan are coming down with all the diseases, and illnesses, caused by PCBs, such as cancers, and an increased risk of almost all major diseases, including heart disease, and diabetes.

The government
KNOWS these female veterans were contaminated with massive PCB's.
WHY is the DVA refusing to award them benefits?

Again, as crazy as it sounds, it's because of the Super Bowl!

Let me explain. America is not a government of the people, by the people, or for the people anymore.

America has been secretly bribed, bought, and paid for by a handfull of Anti-American Billionares, and Corrupt Corporations, using lobbyists and massive amounts of money, to destroy the Constitution, and secretly take away our
Basic Human Rights.

While our troops have been fighting, shedding their blood, and dying, for the Constitution, and the ideas this country was founded on, America's Corporations and a clique of billionares that hate the ideas America was founded on, have been using their money, and power, to overthrow our government, and the Constitution, to destroy the ideas this country was founded on.

They have made a government for the rich, powerful, and corporations.

One of the victims of this rich, and corporate owned government is America's Disabled Veterans.

Today's "
Corporate United States" cannot afford to honor its promises to America's Disabled Veterans because America's tax dollars are needed for the rich and powerful.

To fund Welfare Programs for the Super Rich.

For example, the NFL is the most profitable sports league in America making 10.5 billion in revenue last season, while NFL President Roger Goodell made 44 Million Dollars (nearly a million dollars a week!) the NFL shirks taxes by claiming to be a Non-Profit.

The NFL got by with this
Tax Cheat Scam by dividing all their profits between the NFL teams, and then claiming the NFL made no profit.

What would the justice department do if three people put together a Corporation and made 10 billion dollars, and then refused to pay tax by dividing the 10 billion among the three owners, and then fraudulently claiming their corporation was a Non-Profit?

We all know the justice department would put them in prison for fraud, and tax evasion!

So why isn't the NFL investigated for this scam?

One word, LOBBYISTS!

By BRIBING America's Senators, Congressmen, and both political parties with their lobbyists. [ Click here is see how the NFL gets billions of YOUR tax dollars.]

There are so many Corrupt Corporations, and Anti-American Billionares looting America's Treasury, putting America so deep in debt, that our politicans can not afford to honor, America's debt to her Veterans.

America's stores are disapearing because of Walmart, which had 2014 net sales of over 473 Billion Dollars, beating out Exxon Mobil.

And yet with those obsene profits Walmart shirked billions in taxes by "
donating" rotten meat, and expired food items, unfit to eat, to charities, writing it off, while Walmart reaped billions in Rich Man's Welfare, as America's Taxpayers gave Walmart free land, tax breaks, and gifts of taxpayer dollars, all while America's Taxpayers fed Walmart's Employees with Food Stamps. [ Click here for proof. ]

America's Cruise industry, which is owned by the Micky Arison Family, a Jewish Mafia that has been convicted of Six Federal Obstruction Felonies, avoids taxes by incorporating in Panama, despite his Eleven Cruise Ship Brands, like Carnival Cruise Lines, being headquartered in Miami, and having no ties to Panama.

Micky Arison is worth
OVER six billion dollars thanks to bribing Senators, and Congressment, to make sure the tax loopholes are not changes, so he can continue to shirk taxes.

Exxon made over 87 Billion Dollars in revenue last year and yet received tax breaks, and all sorts of Taxpayer Rich Man's Welfare.

All this STEALING by the Super Rich, and Corrupt Corporations, is why America is broke, and why BOTH Political Parties keep the Department of Veterans Affairs corrupt, delaying, and avoiding, paying valid VA Claims, sending Veterans in endless circles till they die.

The government is broke from all the looting, and the looting is allowed because of all the bribes from Lobbyists.

And as crazy as it sounds, the Super Bowl, costing America's Taxpayers tens of millions of dollars to provide security for, the NFL using a Not for Profit Tax Shirking Scheme, The Anti-American Walmart Family, making China rich as they destroy America, Micky Arison, whose OWN dad gave up his American Citizanship to shirk taxes, Exxon, which is receiving welfare, and thousands of other greedy billionares, and Corporate Low-Lifes not listed here, have Bankrupt America with their moraless conduct, and are the real reason Congress, and every President, allows the DVD to steal YOUR VA Benefits.

And only YOU can stop it.


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