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by Sue Frasier




And it has Cost All of America's Veterans their Basic Human Rights


A mere forty years ago, most of today's Judges, and Politicians, would be considered criminals, and be in Federal Prisons for Obstruction, bribery, and related crimes.

America was founded on the best principals on earth, a Country "Of the people, By the people, and For the People".


A country where individual rights were valued the most, and where Freedom, was more then a mere word.

We were a Bright Light to the World!


But a "Secret War" has taken place. The Corporations, and Super Rich, have used lobbyists to bribe our politicians, using money, whores, booze, free vacations, and benefits of all sorts, to take over our country, and make a sham of the Constitution, and everything America stood for.

 Corporations, and Billionaires, are now above the law, raiding our treasury, and ripping off the public.

The America we knew as a kid no longer exists, nor does the ideas our country was founded on, that so many of our troops have died for.


It used to be illegal for there to be monopolies in this country, remember when the Bell Telephone Company was broken up because it was getting too big, and could control prices?


We had a FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM, there were price wars between gas stations, and stores, gas stations had contests, stores gave out green stamps, had REAL sales, and the American Consumer won.


Now the board of Exxon arbitrarily sets our gas prices, and has been known to raise the price of gas, while oil prices drop, while all the other oil companies follow what Exxon does.


Con Agra has bought just about every food company in America, and not only can set prices, but is so large they can decide what food is made, and sold in America, actually controlling what we eat!



Now we have a Corporate-Owned Government, with a Corporate-Owned Congress, and a Corrupt Corporate-Owned Court System.


 How does this affect Veterans?


The government only has so much money, and if the Corporations are raiding the treasury they can't afford to let the government honor it's promises to America's Veterans, or to care for our elderly. Money has to be cut somewhere.


Which is the reason, the REAL MOTIVE, that no matter what bought, and paid for, political party is in office, America still has the same "Policy" of cheating our Disabled Veterans out of the benefits they EARNED!



If you don't think Corrupt Corporations, and a handful of Super Rich, are behind all the evil in this country, and the Dishonest Operating Practices of the Department of Veterans Affairs, just look at the facts.

 The last Court Veterans go to on their VA Claims is the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

There are Sixteen Judges on this last stop for Veterans Claims, Fifteen of which are Vietnam Era Draft Dodgers, Four are Partners in Law Firms that Represent Al Qaeda, and only one has served in the military.


All of the judges are former Lobbyists, or have been associated, for years, in business with lobbyists, on Congressional Committees with lobbyists.


This is the Corrupt, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, Veteran Hating Court that America's Veterans MUST take their cases to, all because of lobbyists, and Corporations putting those Corporate Puppet Judges in power.


 Forty years ago, it was a crime to bribe government officials, and the American Public would not have stood for a Court, where the judges were Partners in Law Firms representing the Enemy, during war.

And there is no way the public would have allowed Al Qaeda's Attorneys to be judging the Disability Claims of America's returning wounded from war.

The Judges on the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit would have been tried for TREASON!


For forty years, I have fought the Department of Veterans Affairs, as the government openly committed one Federal Crime, after another, to steal the benefits I EARNED from me.


Four times the VA illegally destroyed my whole VA Claim File.

Evidence is posted here proving that the VA committed Perjury, hid evidence, and lied to U.S. District Court Judge Norma Holloway Johnson in Case 84-0399 in 1984 to STEAL 14 years of my VA back-payment. Click here to see the evidence.

 Not one Senator, or Congressman, would correct this injustice in Forty-Years. All they did was send form letters pretending to help so I would still vote for them.


Forty years of fighting Government Corruption has taught me who the real enemy is.

It's a system completely corrupt that is bought, paid for, and OWNED by corrupt Corporations, most of which don't even pay taxes.


Veterans cannot get their VA Claims processed honestly, as long as Corporate Lobbyists have BOTH Political Parties using delaying tactics, sending America's Disabled Veterans in endless circles, waiting for them to die to get out of paying them the benefits they earned.

The billions the government saves by stealing from it's Veterans can then be given away in Foreign Aid, which ends up in the pockets of the Military Corporate Complex, which has government contracts to get the Foreign Aid.


America has been destroyed by an enemy within!


So what can Veterans do?


We need to get rid of the Corporate Lobby System and get laws passed that PROSECUTE those that bribe government officials so that the individual will have a voice.


Veterans need to UNITE and vote out politicians that take money from lobbyists.


Veterans need to DEMAND a country Of the People, By the People, and For the People.


Veterans need to get the large Veterans Organizations to fight against lobbyists, and work to bring back the Constitution, and the ideas our troops die for.

There are groups like the WolfPAC trying to fight the Corporate take-over of America. Click here to see.


Our troops are dying to give us freedom..... while we are letting Corrupt Corporate-Owned Politicians, Corrupt Corporate-Owned Judges, and Tax-Dodging Corporations take our Freedoms away in their quest to loot our treasury.








Carnival Cruise Lines is the biggest threat to America today, far more of a threat than Al Qaeda, and is a very serious threat to YOUR Social Security, and VA Benefits.


For 40 years I've fought the VA System and heard promise, after promise, about how the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs will reduce the massive VA Claims backlog, or how some new system will streamline record keeping.


I believed the hype, and lies, by both political parties that a fix was on the way, for 40 years, as the abuse, and cheating of America's Veterans, and elderly, only got worst.


Now near the end of my life I see the truth.


Our government has never intended to provide the benefits promised to America's Veterans, and elderly, and intends to use the National Debt as an excuse to go after our VA Benefits, and Social Security we EARNED.


The first step is to keep calling the benefits we EARNED "Entitlement Programs" to make the public think they are a form of welfare, and not benefits America's Veterans gave their lives, and shed their blood for.


The President, our Congress, and both Political Parties are doing this now.


Have you wondered why the United States gave Pakistan over $8,600,000,000 Taxpayer Dollars in the past ten years when a Gallup Poll shows Pakistan hates America more than any country on earth?


Or why immediately after our government closed the White House to American Citizens, due to a lack of funds, President Obama sent a check for $30,000,000.00 to Egypt, which is number 5 in the list of Countries that hate America the most.


Or why we spent 6 Trillion Dollars ($6,000,000,000,000.00)    Nation-Building in Iraq, when Iraq is number 6 on the list of countries that hate America the most, tied with Iran!


The money we wasted on Iraq could have paid every pending Veteran's Claim, doubled Social Security, and had some change!


So why do we have a government so dumb that we are giving all of America's Wealth to our enemies, while we betray, and cheat America's Veterans, and elderly?


It's because of Carnival Cruise Lines!


Sound silly? Well let me explain.


I watched Obama become President by promising to get rid of the lobbyists in Washington, and then I saw President Obama appoint lobbyist, after lobbyist, to the Federal Court System, rigging the Court for the Corporations.


I have watched America go from being a country of the people, by the people, and for the people to a country completely controlled by corporate lobbyists.


I have watched our Supreme Court go from being a protector of Individual Rights to saying "Corporations are People" while the United States Supreme Court also gave Due Process Rights to Al Qaeda, while taking all rights from America's Veterans.


I watched President Obama make Al Qaeda's lead Attorney, Will Gunn, the head of the VA Office of General Counsel to assure no Veteran ever receives an honest day in Court.


I researched the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the last stop for most Veterans Claims, and found that out of 16 judges 15 are Vietnam Era Draft Dodgers, and 4 of the judges are partners in law firms that represent Al Qaeda.


And these scumbags are deciding America's Disabled Veterans Claims!



I found that Corporations are behind the looting of America's Treasury.


Corporations are behind the destruction, and buying of our government, with their lobbyists, and Corporations are the reason Veterans have their benefits stolen from them.


Corporations do not believe America has enough money for the corporations to steal, and for America's Veterans, and elderly too, so their lobbyists have both Political Parties, and our President, stealing from us and calling the Benefits we EARNED, and paid into, "Entitlement Programs" to justify going after them.


To see how America is being destroyed, and why there is no money for Veterans, and the elderly, lets take a look at one of the most evil Corporations controlling our government, a Panama Corporation that hates America with a passion, Carnival Cruise Lines.


A Foreign America-Hating Corporation that pays little, or no, taxes and yet gets hundreds of millions of dollars in American Welfare.


Panama's Carnival Cruise Line!




You will be shocked at how this extremely Anti-American Panama Corporation pays little, or no taxes, and yet gets hundreds of millions of American Taxpayer Dollars in "Welfare", while corrupting our whole government, including our Court System.




Carnival Cruise Lines is just one of the many Corporations that are destroying America, and is being used as an example of why Veterans, and the elderly, are cheated, and how these Corporations operate like a Mafia Crime Family.


Carnival Cruise Lines was founded by Ted Arison, who hated America so much he was determined to never become an America Citizen, or to pay American Taxes, despite his luxury life style in Florida.


So Ted Arison made Miami headquarters for Carnival Cruise Lines while incorporating in Panama to avoid American Taxes, and laws.


And to assure that Carnival would be above the law, and could operate like a Mafia Crime Family, Ted Arison, had Carnival Lobbyists bribing everyone in the government.


To maximize profits Carnival would buy a ship and run it non-stop, without taking time off to maintain, and properly clean the ships.


This brought in a massive profit, however it also meant tens of thousands of passengers would get sick on Unsafe, Filthy, Disease-Laden, Carnival Ships, resulting in massive costs for medical care, and a substantial number of lawsuits against Carnival.


The solution was simple.


Carnival would pass the costs of medical care, for the thousands of passengers Carnival harmed, to the American Taxpayer,  and fix the Courts to control lawsuit costs.


Passing Carnival's Medical Costs on the American Taxpayer was easy.


Carnival would just refuse to provide medical care, or if the illness became public, give passengers a future cruise discount.


Meanwhile, Military that got sick on Carnival Ships would get care at their military base, many of the passengers were elderly and would get Medicare, or another government program to pay for their care, and Veterans would seek VA Medical Care.


America's Taxpayers would pay the medical bills for Carnival's Filthy, and Unsafe, Ships.


A recent example is Tom, and Linda Hubbert in Ringgold Georgia.


Carnival knowingly gave them E-Coli infected Human Poop Water to drink on their cruise.


When Tom and Linda Hubbert almost died from the E-Coli, Carnival Cruise Lines gave them, Carnival refused to pay around $60,000 in medical bills, and Carnival stuck Medicare, and the American Taxpayer with Carnival's Medical Bill.


Carnival Cruise Lines makes people sick, and America's Taxpayers pay for their medical care.


In just the past five years, it is conservatively estimated, that Carnival Cruise Lines has cost the American Taxpayer OVER Three Hundred Million Dollars ($300,000,000.00) in medical bills alone.


And Carnival has cost the American Taxpayer another One Hundred Million Dollars ($100,000,000.00) having the United States Coast Guard rescue unmaintained Carnival Panama Cruise Ships.


Micky Arison, and his Panama Carnival Cruise Lines has stolen enough of our Tax Dollars to pay tens of thousand of Veterans Disability Claims.


We NEED to stop the raiding of America's Treasury by these Corporate Thieves, like Carnival Owner, Micky Arison.


They need to pay taxes like the rest of us, OR LEAVE AMERICA.


And we need to take the money we collect from the Corporations ripping off America, and HONOR THE PROMISES AMERICA MADE TO HER VETERANS!


We need to take care of our own.


Why Our Government Doesn't Care About Veterans






A couple of years ago all the grassroots Veterans Groups united together on Congressman Marshall's Discharge Petition on the Disabled Veterans Tax and we actually changed the law, and got President Bush to back down.

Now, with all the elections, and politics going on, is the time for grassroots Veterans Groups to UNITE again to correct the injustice of the Disabled Veterans Tax, and to clean up the Corrupt Federal Court System so that Veterans can correct all the other injustices in an honest Court System.

We need to all put aside our differences and once again UNITE to form a voice the politicians running our country cannot ignore. If they want re-elected.

Help us force legislation to correct the Disabled Veterans Tax, and use our clout as Veterans to force the House, and Senate, Committees on the Judiciary to clean up the extremely corrupt Federal Court System, and start impeaching corrupt judges.


How Veterans are REALLY Treated by an Ungrateful Nation

America's Fourth Class Citizens

What the news media will not tell you is the truth about what it's like to be a disabled Veteran returning from war, or the truth about the Department of Veterans Affairs, and America's Court System.

The Disabled Vietnam Veteran returned to find he had lost his Constitutional Rights for serving his country. The government calls it the "Feres Doctrine".

That there was no agency to help him, and that both the VA System, and the Courts, were dishonest, and rotten to the core.

Little has changed for today's troops returning from Afghanistan, or Iraq, disabled from serving an "Ungrateful" Nation.

The "tactics" used by the Department of Veterans Affairs, to cheat Disabled Vietnam Veterans out of their benefits, was to illegally destroy evidence, and sometimes the Veterans whole Claim File, and then to send Veterans in endless circles, hoping the Veteran would give up, or die.

Yes, the VA, and our politicians DO want you DEAD, now that they don't need you anymore, so that they don't have to pay you.

Today the new VA "tactic" is to search in the Disabled Veterans Past, and try to find any kind of prior illness, almost everyone has one, so that the military when they discharge you, and the VA when you apply for benefits, can claim that the combat injury, or P.T.S.D. is actually a "pre-existing" injury, or illness, as they send today's returning heroes in endless circles.

You have to remember that those put in charge of the VA, as a "Political Pay-Off", are the very best, the very sleaziest, corporate officers in America. They are experts at stealing!

While our politicians will dump hundred dollar bills out of airplanes in Afghanistan...

re-build nations with billions of dollars, that turn out to be our enemies...

offer to give everyone in America $800 to help the economy (during an election year)

America's Politicians REFUSE to care for those who return wounded, or disabled, from serving their country.

And if you should refuse to give up, and DO obtain benefits after wasting your life fighting the VA for the benefits you EARNED, benefits that should have been freely given from the start, what do you really get?

A 100% Service-Connected Veteran gets about the same amount of pay a manager at a McDonalds Restaurant makes! And the manager doesn't have the added costs related to being disabled!

When you travel to VA Hospitals for your medical appointments you will get 11 cents a mile despite gas costing over $3.00 a gallon and car payments, and insurance taking most of your disability check.

The VA gives you just about enough "travel pay" so they can get you the hell off their property.

How can any nation be MORE ungrateful to those who defend her?

It's election time. It's now or never that we make our government to start being accountable for the inhuman treatment of America's Veterans.

And we need to STOP having the Department of Veterans Affairs, and our Court System, used as a "Political Payoff System" where low-life's, and greedy corporate political supporters of the "right" politicians, are made judges, or given control of an agency that has constantly betrayed our Veterans.

Now is the time we NEED to unite.


U.S. District Courts, Rigged, Dishonest, Fixing Cases,  Accepting Bribes, and strongly


Anyone who has not prosecuted a lawsuit in the Federal Court System has the illusion that the Courts in America are fair and honest. After all this is America, right?

The truth is that we have the most dishonest Court System on earth, however that is one of America's "dirty little secrets", because the news media does not do its duty, to make the public aware of the cesspool, the American Judicial System has become.

Or how America's Veterans have no rights, or any chance of a fair, or honest, process should you sue the VA in Court.

Federal Judges, from District Court Judges, to Appeals Court Judges, and even the Judges on the Supreme Court, freely accept "bribes" from Court Lobbyists, calling them "Education Junkets", or some similar name.

Don't be fooled. Those "junkets" are clearly bribes, and federal judges remember who pays them off.

To read about this please check out Trips for Judges by clicking here or a news story about the payoffs here.

To find out more please go to www.Judgewatch.org and read the article Judicial Misconduct by clicking here.

The real problem is that Federal Judges are political appointees, appointed for life, and above the law. They remember who appointed them and repay the "favors" they owe.

The reason they are above the law is that congress passed laws allowing federal judges oversee themselves, and no federal judge is going to punish himself, or a fellow judge.

Even though Committees in both the House, and Senate, are "supposed" to oversee corrupt judges, neither committee will investigate an individual case, nor investigate a corrupt Federal Judge, no matter how dishonest the judge is.

The result is that the VA has developed a scheme for keeping every Veteran from getting help in the Courts.

The VA will falsify your VA Claim File, destroy your VA records, and commit any crime to steal your benefits.

Should you try to sue in Court the VA merely lies and tells the Court that you didn't seek an administrative remedy, or that the VA is working on it, or some other lie and the U.S. District Court will rule against you, knowing the VA is lying, and knowing that you have no one to complain to, because Federal Judges cover up for each other.

 What can we do with a system so dishonest?

We need to hold each member of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary, and U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, fully responsible, and unite with every grassroots Veterans Group on the internet to vote out any Congressman, or Senator, on those Committees that does not act to clean up the filth that is our judicial system, and give America's Veterans an Honest, Fair, Court System.

The key to all the evils against America's Veterans is cleaning up the "Political", rotten to the core, bribe taking Federal Court System we have now, and getting some honest judges.

 an honest Court System Veterans can go to when they are wronged, or treated unfairly.

Each Veteran coming here can help by writing, or e-mailing, those Committees DEMANDING that they actually start cleaning up the extremely corrupt Federal Court System, and DOING THEIR DUTY, impeaching dishonest Federal Judges.

Out of 13,000 cases filed by Veterans, the Court of Veterans Appeals, has only ruled in the Veterans favor 14 times. It's "Policy" is to send Veterans in endless circles, just like the VA does.





For over four years this site has been 100% paid for by the founder of VetsForJustice, Billy Kidwell, as has the Forum Web Site, out of his VA Disability Check. This has caused great hardship on him, and his family, but trying to unite Veterans, and correct injustices, is a priority to him.

And VetsForJustice has been a major grassroots force in solving several Veterans injustices, but we have an extremely long way to go.

Now we have realized that we need to try to get some help with these substantial expenses and have decided to sell t-shirts that both express how we feel about the injustice of the VA System, show we are united, and help spread the word about our battle.

The Shirts Are


You can get the shirt with just the VetsForJustice LOGO as on shirt number 1 above, or with just the VA Promise as on shirt 2 above in the center, or my favorite the VA promise that we will never go away on the front, and the VetsForJustice LOGO on the back.


I have the tan color and I must tell you the picture DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE, it is an extremely beautiful, high quality, shirt.

You can pick from a number of colors and the shirt is very reasonably priced. A small amount from the sales will help us to defray the costs of this site so be sure to get one of these shirts for your favorite Veteran this Christmas!




Send your address along with a mere 50 cents for postage and handling to : VetsForJustice, 5064 Silver Bell Drive, Port Charlotte, Florida 33948 and we will get one off to you.

They are in full color and look GREAT !!!!

Let others know that you intend to fight for your rights.

How do the Veteran Groups Stack Up...Helping Veterans with Attorneys?

According to the Official Records posted at the Veterans Consortium Web Site, the American Legion, which bills itself as the Largest Veterans Organization in the World, donates the total amount of $21,105 for a year, to help Veterans before the Court of Appeals for Veterans get attorneys from the Veterans Consortium.

And the American Legion claims to care about Veterans???


The leadership of the American Legion, the World's LARGEST Veterans Group, should bow their heads in shame at how they have BETRAYED America's Veterans fighting the VA in Court.


The National Veterans Legal Services Program donated a "token" $5,285, I guess to "justify" their seeking donations, while the Paralyzed Veterans of America donated $114,267.

Meanwhile, Covington & Burling, whom we assume is the law firm, donated $406,882 for the Veterans Law Program.

In other words, a law firm, with less resources then the "Worlds Largest Veterans Group", donated OVER TWENTY TIMES AS MUCH MONEY FOR ATTORNEYS FOR VETERANS!!!

And the VFW donated NOTHING according to the records posted at the Veterans Consortium Web Site.

If you belong to any of these groups you have a right to demand that they explain their extremely clear BETRAYAL of America's Veterans.

The main reason so many Veterans are cheated by the VA is because the established Veterans Groups, the American Legion, and VFW, pretend to care about Veterans, but the facts show THEY HAVE BETRAYED US, they profiteer off us, and they turn their backs when we ask for help, or provide sub-standard assistance that refuses to stand up for Veterans.

The best established Veterans Groups is the DAV, and Paralyzed Veterans of America, although they have the resources to do a lot more then they do, to help Veterans.

The American Legion, and VFW, should be investigated for the fraud they inflict on America's Veterans, and any Veteran worth his salt that belongs to either of those groups should DEMAND that their leadership be held accountable for shirking their duty to America's Veterans. For betraying us.

Just where does all those hundreds of millions of dollars from Veterans Dues, from their bars, from their Bingos, and other "hustles" really go to?

They damn sure aren't being used to help Veterans!

Join us. Unite with us. And most important be extremely ACTIVE with us, and maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference.

Our Promise to the VA


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Veteran Heroes and

Sites We MUST Visit !

For years on the internet a handful of Veteran Heroes have been fighting tirelessly safeguarding our benefits, and rights. These heroes have made a difference and yet only ask that you visit their sites so that their effort is not in vein.

A real hero that has fought tirelessly on all Veterans Issues, and a leader on fighting the Disabled Veterans Tax is Bill Gast with


Please visit his site and join the battle for justice with him.

Then there is the Veterans Best Friend. A freshman Congressman from Georgia, Jim Marshall that introduced the Discharge Petition on HR 303.

Congressman Jim Marshall's Site

There are VetsForJustice OWN Heroes Sue Frasier and Russ Pearson both of whom are very active at the Forum. Sue is a leader in fighting the exposure of Veterans to pcb, and Russ has helped hundreds of Veterans with all kinds of issues.

Forum Area

One of the GREATEST sites on the internet, as far as exposing abuse by the Department of Veterans Affairs is VA Watch Dog Dot Org, watching the VA because someone has to !!!

VA Watch Dog

And there is Operation Truth which is made up of Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans. Check them out!

Kitchen Table

Please help America's Active Military, Retired Military, and Veterans, by visiting, and being very active at the sites above.


Our View


The newspapers and grassroots Veterans Sites keep exposing the widespread abuse of America's Veterans. Yet little is being done to correct the problems because the Bush Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and those in power do not want to spend the money necessary for Veterans to receive fair treatment, and the benefits they earned.

So what can we do?

We need to start fighting back like grassroots Veterans started to do on the Disabled Veterans Tax Issue.

We need to patronize grassroots Veterans Sites that fight for our rights.

There are hundreds of great Veteran Sites we would be glad to list, and promote, them if you send us their address by clicking here.

We need to know who are enemies are and to UNITE and try to get them out of office.

Veterans enemies like Chief Judge Donald Ivers, and his little Veteran Court Mafia, in the Court of Appeals for Veterans, that hears 14,000 Veteran Cases, and rules AGAINST the Veteran in almost every one.

Veterans deserve an HONEST, impartial Court. Instead we got the king of Kangaroo Courts.

We need to realize that upper level management in the Department of Veterans Affairs are all corrupt and getting rich stealing our benefits.

We need to quit being a minority without rights and demand the fair treatment we EARNED with our service.

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Bush Administration Says
Veterans Hurt America

The Bush Administration wants every able body person it can get to enlist for its wars.

Recently newspapers have exposed the Bush Administration calling back to duty elderly citizens up to 64 years old.

Yet the administration has released a study saying that when the administration no longer needs the troops, and they become Veterans, that they HARM America because of the cost of their benefits.

You can die for America, but if you return without a limb you cost too much to care for and HARM America, according to the Bush Administration.

Yet the Administration has mountains of FREE money, in the form of Foreign Aid, for the whole world.

You try to figure out their "priorities"!

We can't !


If you are shot in Iraq, or otherwise "Fall In Battle", do you have a right to medical care, and VA Benefits?



NO !!!!

According to the Court of Appeals for Veterans

"It is well settled that veterans have no contractual or vested right to an initial receipt of VA benefits. VA benefits involve no agreement of the parties and "may be redistributed or withdrawn at any time in the discretion of Congress." Ziviak v. United States, 411 F. Supp. 416, 422 ( D. Mass. 1976) (quoting Lynch v. United States, 292 U.S. 571, 577 (1934)), aff'd, 429 U.S. 801 (1976)."

For more info on how America's Military, and Veterans HAVE NO RIGHTS please go to Veterans For Due Process. by clicking on the black print above.

Are YOU or someone you know the victim of VA Medical Malpractice?

The Law Offices of W. Robb Graham LLC can help.

Click here to find out more about VA Medical Malpractice!

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Russ Pearson

Billy Kidwell

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Bay Pines VA Hospital draws


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FROM 1971 TO 2005


Every VA Claim Tainted

From 1971 to the present the former VA, now Department of Veterans Affairs, has been rigging VA Claims to purposefully cheat Veterans by illegally destroying "favorable" evidence in Veterans Claim Files.

If you filed a VA Claim anytime since 1971 there is an extremely good chance that your claim has been tampered with by VA Officials scheming to cheat you.  Full Story



Our good friend Edward Crosby has started a new Veterans web site exposing the secret SPN codes the government, working with big corporations, puts on your discharge, without you knowing it.

Those SPN codes affect every part of your life from employment to even VA benefits. You need to go to his site and check out just how corrupt, and sneaky, our government is towards Veterans.



Please Visit Our Good Friends at ...



New Group Fighting The USFSPA


Please Visit Our Friends At

The American Veterans Network

Please Support Giving Our Military & Veterans Equal Rights.


The General Public are not aware that those that serve our country actually lost many of their Constitutional, and Civil Rights, as punishment for serving. This is caused by a doctrine called the FERES Doctrine.

The doctrine is wrong. It should be unconstitutional. It turns our Military, and Veterans, into third class citizens. Yet those in power love the FERES Doctrine because it saves the government money, by wronging our Troops, and Veterans.

To learn more about the FERES Doctrine please visit our friends at VERPA who are the leaders in fighting against this wrongful treatment of our Troops, and Veterans.

Please click here for the VERPA Site