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The Illusion of Constitutional Rights in America
For America's Veterans

A Corrupt Roberts Supreme Court Covers-Up Felonies, Tells Court Clerk to Obstruct Veterans, and Says Veterans Deserve NO BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS !

America's Veterans have NO RIGHTS because every aspect of the government is corrupt, due to the Lobbyist "Bribe" System.

America's Disabled Veterans are victimized by a Corrupt Claims Agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs, with a well-documented history of falsifying evidence, shredding documents submitted by Veterans in support of their claims, and committing any crime, to cheat America's Disabled Veterans out of the benefits they EARNED.

Both political parties, and every President in the past forty years have promised to clean up the rampant corruption in the Department of Veterans Affairs, but none have done so because the "
Real Policy" of both the Republican, and Democrat, Parties is to promise Veterans anything, to get their vote, while having the Department of Veterans Affairs drive Veterans to sucide, stall, delay, and abuse America's Disabled Veterans, using any tactic to fustrate Veterans so much that they abandon seeking the benefits they earned.

The true purpose of the Department of Veterans Affairs is to deceive the public into falsely believing America's War Wounded are cared for, while the DVA is really used as a Political Payoff System, to reward faithful political supporters, used to torture, shut-up, and "Chill" Veteran Political Activists, and used by Corrupt Corporations, and thieves, to loot America's Treasury.

This sleazy, illegal Policy by American's Politicans greatly reduces the budget of the Department of Veterans Affairs, so those funds can be dirverted to repay Political Debts by the politicans to Corporations by means of silly, outragious, defense contracts, and Foriegn Aid to the world, administered by Corrupt Corporations.

To assure Veterans have no chance of receiving honesty in the VA Claims Process VA Policies are set by the VA Office of General Counsel, which is headed by
Former Al Qaeda Attorney, Will A. Gunn, who believes Al Qaeda deserves Constitutional Rights, but America's Veterans do not.

Cheated Veterans must appeal VA Decisions to a Special Court, the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, which is part of the Department of Veterans Affairs, extremely corrupt, and rarely grants relief to a Veteran.

The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
ENCOURAGES DVA Attorneys to commit Perjury, Falsify Records, and engage in any Criminal Act to cheat the helpless Disabled Veteran, using the Misprision of Felonies to cover-up Crimes committed by the DVA against America's Disabled Veterans.

If you have an attorney the "
Policy" of the extremely bias, Anti-Veteran, Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims is to send the claim back to the corrupt DVA, instead of granting relief like an Honest, Impartical Court would, sending the Disabled Veteran-Victim in endless circles to fustrate the Veteran until he give up and lets corrupt VA Officials STEAL the benefits the Veteran EARNED.

The next stop for America's Veterans is the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, composed of four judges, that are former Al Qaeda Attorneys, with most of the rest of the other judges being Vietnam Era Draft Dodgers.

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is documented to be so Anti-American, and hateful of America's Disabled Veterans, that those judges often call America's Disabled Veterans filthy names, and openly lie about Disabled Veterans, after fixing cases against America's Veterans.

The last stop is the Supreme Court, composed of Eight Judges that are above the law, and are constantly accepting "
Gifts", Racing Tires, Leather Jackets, Free Luxery Vacations, Free Transportation, Free Golf on the World's Best Courses, and other bribes of all sorts from America's Corporations, and Mafia Crime Families.

Supreme Court Judge(s) have even been caught cheating on their Federal Income Taxes, and when caught claimed that "
the tax laws are so complex that they didn't know that millions of dollars in income was supposed to be reported to the IRS"!

Judges on the United States Supreme Court have taken an Oath to apply justice equally to both the poor, and rich, however the Supreme Court has gotten so corrupt,
and demanding of bribes, if one wants "Meaningful" Access to the Court, they better come up with some gifts, Free Luxery Vacations, and as records prove, the Supreme Court expects the very best Luxery Resorts, as BRIBES.

Working People, Veterans, Disabled Veterans, and the poor are denied any "
Meaningful" Access to the Supreme Court, as cases are openly fixed for the Wealthy, for Corporations, and for Mafia Crime Families.

America's Veterans do not have even one honest Court they can go to.

If you enlist in the military, ask for combat service for your country, put your life on the line for the Constitution, and the Great Ideas this country was founded on, the
Sleazy, ANTI-AMERICAN, Constitution-Hating Judges on the United States Supreme Court will SPIT ON YOU, and not allow you even one day in an honest, impartical Court.


The United States is a signed party to a treaty called "
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" requiring that every country afford it's population Basic Human Rights, including the right to an Honest Court System, and a fair trial when propery, or "benefits" are wrongly taken.

The Roberts Supreme Court recently, after taking many
BRIBES from Corporations, allowed a Corrupt Corporation Crime Family to engage in Mail, and Wire Fraud, to steal evidence from a Disabled Veteran, to obstruct the Veteran from suing the Corporation.

The Mafia Crime Family, Micky Arison's Jewish Mafia, has a History of Six Federal Felony Convictions for similar Federal Criminal Obstruction, and the Supreme Court Judges all engaged in the Misprision of Felonies, covering up the many Federal Crimes by in Case No. 13-7558, because the Disabled Veteran was helpless without an attorney, or media exposure of the case.

The U.S. Supreme Court has a long history of victimizing America's Veterans that are helpless, without an attorney, or media coverage of the case.

The U.S. Supreme Court then said that America's Disabled Veterans have NO Basic Human, or Constitutional Rights, and are not entitled to just one day in Court.

That conduct by the Supreme Court violated America's Laws on the Misprision of Felonies by Judges, and violated the treaty called "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" that gives Veterans the RIGHT to one honest day in Court.

America's Veterans will continue to be no more than slaves, under the most corrupt government on earth, until we
UNITE, and say enought, is enough.

We fought for the Constitution, and the Great Ideas this country was founded on.

We have a
DUTY, as citizens, not to allow a powerful "clique" of criminals to overthrow the Constitution, and the ideas we fought for, as those judges, politicans, and DVA Officials misuse their authority FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN.

Read on and see what you can do.....

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