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CIA Insider Agrees -- Attacking Iraq Made Al-Qaida Far STRONGER

Over a year ago, while everyone else was bragging about how easy it was to invade Iraq, we told you how we were LOSING the War on Terror, and making Al-Qaida far stronger, and more dangerous, by attacking Iraq.

Now not only has the CIA agreed with us, but a book has been released confirming everything we said at this site FIRST! Click to see article.

As we said, Iraq never posed any threat to the United States. In fact Saddam was actually put in power by President Reagan, Vice President Bush, and the CIA. And Saddam was always our closest friend in the middle east until President Bush Senior turned on him, unexpectedly.

Saddam could not even fly a small piper cub airplane over his own country without our permission, and to claim that Iraq posed some threat to the United States is far beyond stupid.

But our government "influenced" news media, and especially Fox News with its around the clock lies, brainwashed the American Public into believing it.

The truth about how we put Saddam in power, how Iraq was our best ally in the middle east, how Iraq had provided us with CIA listening posts against the USSR for years in the cold war, and how we provided weapons of mass destruction to Iraq to use against Iran, were all kept from the public by Fox News in its constant "news reports" for the administration.

So based on lies we engaged in a premeditated, unprovoked, war against our former close ally, and the second holiest place in the Islamic World, driving hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the arms of Al-Qaida.

President "W" Bush could not have helped Bin Laden more!

Al-Qaida is at least 100 times stronger, and 100 times more of a threat, then if we had left Saddam alone, and patched our bad relations with him. Al-Qaida is rapidly spreading all over the middle east thanks to a "policy" from the Bush Administration based on a desire to steal oil reserves for companies the administration is tied to, and not to stop Al-Qaida.

A policy that is resulting in thousands of needless American Casualties.

We agree with the CIA that there WILL be attacks on American Soil far, far worst then 911 all because of a nation policy, set by President Bush, of looting for friends, instead of getting those who attacked us on 911.

We should have used all of our military might to capture Bin Laden as quickly as possible. If it meant chasing him to Pakistan, or where ever he went, or even using small battlefield nukes when he was held up in the mountains in Afghanistan to assure we got him.

Terrorists have to know that if they attack America they WILL face a swift justice. And not get by with it as Bin Laden has done.

All the Bush Administration has done is made Al-Qaida far stronger, increase the danger to America, and create a new mass of Veterans for our government to cheat. 


How The Republican Party "Fixed" The Veterans Court

In November of 1988 the Democratic Congress, in response to the outrage of Veterans finding they had lost their right of Access to the Courts, by serving their country, passed the Judicial Review Act.

The Court's Seven Judges were appointed by "Republican" President Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan did not like the idea of Veteran's having a Court to appeal arbitrary decisions by the Veterans Administration to, so he appointed extremely "Conservative" far Right Wing Judges who were against Veterans having a Court, or any rights.

Two years later, "Republican" President Bush wanted to assure Veterans had no chance of prevailing in the new Veterans Court, so he searched for a Chief Judge that shared the Right Wing View that Veterans did not deserve rights, and that there should be no Veterans Court.

President Bush found exactly what he was looking for in the extremely evil, former General Counsel of the Veterans Administration, Donald Ivers.

Donald Ivers had spent a large part of his life fighting AGAINST Veterans, as General Counsel of the Veterans Administration, and had written articles expressing his belief that Veterans should not have the right of a Court to go to, or Due Process.

President Bush I appointed Evil Donald Ivers as Chief Judge of the Veterans Court, and stacked the "Court" with like minded judges, making the Court a farce for Veterans.

Today the Court is completely controlled by Extremist Right Wing Judges appointed by the Bush Family, that share the similar view that Veterans do not deserve VA Benefits, or rights.



Fraud & Betrayal of Veterans

The House & Senate

Committees on Veterans Affairs

For at least two years we have constantly sent proof of Criminal Acts by the VA Office of General Counsel to both the Senate, and House, Committees on Veterans Affairs. Neither has done anything.

What makes this even more appalling is that the House Committee on Veterans Affairs has a special Subcommittee whose duty it is to do "Oversight and Investigations" of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As thousands, and thousands, of Veterans know from dealing with the VA, clearly the Subcommittee on Oversight, and Investigations, has not done its job in a very, very, very, very long time.

The reason the VA is so very corrupt, seemingly untouchable, and above the law, and the reason no Veteran in America has any rights, as far as the VA is concerned, is because those two Committees have sold out America's Veterans.

Here are the "Politicians" that have betrayed us, and believe me when I say that we use the term "Politician" in its most insulting form.

These "Politicians" know that they are on a Veterans Committee, and yet they sell out America's Veterans. For politics.

Below is a list of the enemies of America's Veterans. We need to remember each and every one of them when we vote.

We hope you will contact each, and every, one of them and ask them why they do nothing when www.VetsForJustice.com has given them solid proof of Criminal Conduct by the VA Office of General Counsel, and VA Secretary Principi himself.

Why are those criminals working for the Department of Veterans Affairs above the law, and allowed to commit criminal acts?

Why are they not sent to Federal Prison?

Demand to know "WHY" the VA Office of General Counsel, and Secretary Principi, are not facing Criminal Charges why we have constantly been posting evidence of Criminal Conduct by them at this site.

[The Criminal Destruction of www.VetsForJustice.com Founder, Billy Kidwell's Complete VA Claim File, and VA Attorneys lying to a Federal Judge in Case 84-0399 in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. .]

Remind these corrupt "Politicians" that we work for us and America's Veterans are about to FIRE them if they don't start representing Veterans.

Contact Congress by Clicking on this link.



What We Want !

To Correct Injustices in the Department of Veterans Affairs

The seemingly untouchable Department of Veterans Affairs has a long history of massive, criminal conduct. The agency entrusted with providing America's Veterans with benefits, has a lengthy pattern of illegally destroying evidence, favorable to Veterans, such as medical records, military records, and often the Veterans Complete Claim File.

As if that isn't appalling enough, the VA's Attorneys, the Office of General Counsel, are blatant liars, and have no qualms about misrepresenting facts, deceiving the Courts, falsifying records, telling lies to judges, or committing any illegal act to deny Veterans honest access to the Courts.

The supposed to be watch dogs over the VA such as the VA Inspector General, and the House, and Senate, Committees on Veterans Affairs appear to be just as corrupt as the VA Office of General Counsel.

We have personally given every single Congressman, and Senator, on the Veterans Committees solid evidence of criminal acts by VA Officials and not a single one of them has been honest enough to do anything about the crimes.

The VA Inspector General, and Senate, and House, Committees on Veterans Affairs are only interested when the Department of Veterans Affairs is being cheated out of money.

When a Veteran is the victim NO ONE in the government cares!

We have received stacks of e-mails of horror stories by Veterans abused by the Department of Veterans Affairs. One can easily see a pattern of illegal conduct towards Veterans by VA Attorneys, and those who decide Veterans Claims.

A pattern of illegal conduct that is ongoing to the present.

It is beyond doubt that if by some miracle the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Anthony Principi, is not personally behind the ongoing massive corruption in the Department of Veterans Affairs, that in the least, he is fully aware of the corruption, and doing nothing about it.

And it is beyond doubt that both the House, and Senate, Committees on Veterans Affairs, as well as the VA Inspector General, are fully aware of VA Corruption, and are betraying America's Veterans by doing nothing.

Because the system is so extremely corrupt the only way Veterans will ever find the fair, honest, treatment they deserve is by voting out of office the current members of those committees, and getting rid of the present Inspector General System.

What is needed is a new Inspector General System that is completely independent, and not a part of, or connected to the Department of Veterans Affairs in any way.

The new Inspector General System should be specifically required to fully investigate ALL Veteran Complaints of abuse, corruption, or any other unjust treatment by VA employees, and/or, Officials.

Last the new VA Inspector General System should be controlled by a board made up of no less then 50 % of its members being non-government employees. That 50 % should be composed of persons appointed by the VSOs, and grass roots Veterans Groups.

Only then will America's Veterans find justice.



How to Form a Veterans Caucus

For the purpose of giving veterans some real leverage in the political process.

Submitted by Stan Smilan

An election precinct usually has 1000-1500 voters for logistical purposes - that means having a polling place to accommodate those voters without undue waits at the polling place. State laws provide for the election of two committeemen in each party to represent that precinct on the county committee.

       For example: A County like Palm Beach County, Florida, or Suffolk County, NY are both the same size (1.2 million people) and have about the same number o precincts. The county is divided into a grid-like map - in Palm Beach County there are presently 641 precincts.

       The state election law usually requires two elected officials in each party for each election-precinct. One has to be a man and the other a woman. So, in Palm Beach County there should be 1282 committee people. At present, only 1/3 of those positions are filled in each of the major parties. The party chairman gets to appoint his or her cronies or vote for the vacant precincts.

       If all the positions were filled by elected committeepersons, the 1282 people would be accredited as county committeemen or women. On all matters that come before the County Committee, for the respective political-parties, the committee people get to vote the number of votes cast for their party's gubernatorial candidate in the previous election. That's what's called a weighted vote. The sum total of all the votes is then counted for nominations, all policy matters, and platform issues voted on by the County Committee.

       The important thing here is to keep in mind that this committeeman position is established by the state's election laws, and is, indeed, an elected position. It's the lowest level of an elected position in states such as Florida and New York. Some states refer to the precinct as an election district or ward. Some parties combine several precincts into a district or have precinct committeemen vote for zone leaders for as many as ten precincts. The zone leaders then serve as members of the county executive committee.

       Here's the catch-22. Nobody spreads the word and the process for getting elected as a committeeman in the precinct you live in, is the most closely guarded secret amongst party hacks and political operatives. The emphasis here is keep the troops in the dark and take control of the party away from the electorate.

       Each state's election laws spell out the earliest date petitions can be accepted for the position by the County Supervisor of Elections - and also the last date for filing the petitions to be placed on the primary ballot for the elected position of committeeman or woman.

       Here in Palm Beach County, Florida, our Supervisor of Elections is none other than Theresa LePore - the lady who gave us the butterfly ballot in Election-2000. She was on the canvassing board for the recount that didn't meet the deadline and handed the election to George W.

       Theresa's administrative assistants won't give out any information about when the petitions for committeeman positions will be available and her office won't volunteer any information about filing dates. It may take a Freedom of Information Act Request to pry the information from her department.

       If the veterans - who fought to defend Democracy and Representative Government - don't get the petitions to fill out in a timely manner they'll have to wait another four years for the opportunity to participate as committeemen and women and form an effective Veterans Caucus within their parties.

       Without the opportunity to stand for election as precinct committeemen and county committee, veterans are without an effective voice in the political process. It's like going onto the battlefield without ammunition for your weapons. Our veterans groups have crippled the veterans by refusing to allow any discussion or educational effort on this matter. Their rules of engagement do not allow - what our misinformed leadership - calls political discussion. In effect the situation is like Tanya Harding attempting to break Nancy Kerrigan's kneecaps to make her an ineffective competitor.

       Every veteran should be encouraged to contact their Supervisor of Elections and demand the necessary forms and dates for filing to become a precinct committeeman or woman. Veteran organizations should initiate a voter education drive to disseminate the rules and rights involved for veterans to claim their basic right to participate in the Democratic process of participating in the selection of committeemen in precincts, election districts, and wards in every county and in every state for each party of the individual veteran's choice throughout the country.

       Without such an effort by the veterans organizations we are nothing more than a loose affiliation of collective begging groups instead of an effective collective bargaining group functioning as a Veterans Caucus.

       Every, public library has a complete collection of the state laws. Any and all veterans should be encouraged look up their state's election laws and find the procedures for filing as a committeeman in the 2004 primaries. Bring that information to your veterans organizations and demand that it be disseminated to the membership. If your leaders refuse to do so - get new leaders.

       Veterans fought to defend Democracy. Democracy - if you look it up in the dictionary - means representative government.

       Of all Americans, military veterans have the most right to participate in the selection of our representative government - including the selection of precinct committeemen - it's the basic building block in the temple of Democracy.

       We veterans, also have fought for and defended the right to meet in peaceful assembly and engage in freedom of speech. we should keep the doors to our meeting places open for any and all public officials and to have access to our forums. Only when we restrict our gatherings to the incumbents only do we engage in partisan politics and place our tax exempt status in jeopardy.

       Veterans - regardless of age - have a mission to recapture representative government. We must participate. Become a committeemen or committeewomen in the party of your choice and
form a Veterans Caucus to give effective voice to all military veterans in this country.



The Attack is Far Worse Then 911 

America is under attack right now. It's the worst attack in the history of this great nation, and will completely destroy America, and our way of life.

Not long ago the Soviet Union was the most powerful country in the world. It's land covered one sixth of all the land in the world. It's navy was larger then any navy the world had ever known.

 The Soviet Union was actually far more powerful then the United States both in size, and military might. No nation could conquer them. Yet the Soviet Union fell without a shot. Lets look at why.

The Soviet Union tried to be the world's policeman. They were involved in Afghanistan, Africa, the Middle East. While ignoring the needs of their own people the Soviet Union spent their country into debt with massive military spending. And one day without warning their country fell!

Today the Administration in Washington is doing exactly the same thing the Soviets did. And we are on the same road to the complete fall of our government due to crazy, out of control, reckless spending by an administration that lacks morals, and common sense.

An Administration with screwed up priorities. That has a higher priority on schools in Iraq then schools in America. That cares more about Mexican Criminals that illegally cross our borders then America's Veterans who have shed their blood to keep America free.

What is so scary is that the conduct of President "W" Bush, and his administration, is far more reckless, and out of control then the crazy Soviet Spending was.

And the conduct of President "W" Bush endangers our country, and way of life, far, far more then the attacks on 911 did.

President "W" Bush while trying to squeeze millions of dollars from America's Disabled Veterans, by means of short changing the VA Medical System, was freely giving BILLIONS of dollars to countries all around the world for his own personal political future.

He gave away BILLIONS, and BILLIONS, of our tax dollars in attempts to buy United Nations Votes, to "Enhance" his political standing when he attacked Iraq.

Those are BILLIONS and BILLIONS, of dollars PLUS INTEREST on those BILLIONS, and BILLIONS, of dollars that our children, and grandchildren will spend their lives trying to pay off.

That's if our country does not fall, like the former Soviet Union did, due to the massive, crazy, reckless out of control spending by the "W" Bush Administration first!

While the "W" Bush Administration sneaks bodies of our dead soldiers back home to America in the dead of night, to hide the deaths from the public, and while "W" Bush has not cared enough about America's troops to attend the funeral of even one serviceperson that has died for his war, he does attend funerals for solders of other countries, and give priority to everyone, except America's Own.

In the "W" Bush Administration America's Veterans, Retired Military, Schools, and children all come last. Foreign Aid to the rest of the world, and even our enemies comes first!

It's true "W" Bush will land on aircraft carriers, safely in our own waters, or sneak into the safest place in Iraq, in the dead of night to have his picture taken with a plastic turkey, for politics.

However, every chance he has had to cut benefits, or medical care for America's Troops, to save a penny "W" Bush has done it.

The conduct of "W" Bush, including his own military record of desertion, shows that the only time he gives a dam about American Troops is when he wants to use them for pictures. For politics.

The priorities of the "W" Bush Administration is not Veterans, not American Troops, nor American Citizens. It is "Paying Off" his corporate "Friends" by letting them rape America and steal our children's future.

And "W" Bush gets 87 BILLION ($87,000,000,000.00) dollars through Congress, most of which goes to contracts that are not open for bidding, but given to his "Friends" so that they can steal a large part of this massive loan.

A loan that our children, and children's children, will be forever trying to pay off.

The only reason the American Economy looks good now is because of the massive debts we are building up, such as the 87 BILLION dollar loan Congress passed for Iraq.

We have a war economy. And 87 Billion dollars was just put in that war economy. The only catch is....that 87 BILLION dollars will have to be paid back. WITH INTEREST !!!

America does not have the money to build new countries in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and all over the world. America does not even have close to that amount of money.

The "W" Bush solution? Borrow it!

Have Congress pass bills giving "W" Bush all those BILLIONS of dollars to spend. And let our children, and grandchildren, have to worry about paying those crazy, massive amounts of money back! That's the "W" Bush Economy!

As if the spending isn't crazy enough, now "W" Bush has a plan to get the Hispanic Vote, so he can get re-elected.

He'll buy it with our tax dollars!

"W" Bush is going to open the flood walls to Mexico, and any foreign criminal that wants to break the law and illegally cross our borders.

If you illegally sneak into America, as a prize for breaking the immigration law "W" Bush will give you "Legal" status, welfare, Social Security, and FREE Medical Care.

[ Damn! If only America's Veterans could be treated just a tiny bit as good as "W" Bush wants to treat criminals that sneak into our country! Maybe the way for Veterans to get fair treatment at last would be to ...

1. Give up our citizenship, and go to Mexico.

2. Illegally sneak back into America posing as Mexican Criminals.

3. Then we could get the Free Medical, and money without having to fight the VA for years! ]

Analysts expect the dollar to plummet, and there are warnings from the International Monetary Fund that the huge American Trade, and Budget Deficits pose a risk to the global economy.

America can fall overnight, just like the former Soviet Union did!

The threat is very real. And yet, for solely political reasons, to buy the Hispanic Vote, the Social Security we all paid in will be freely given to Mexicans that illegally sneak across our border and haven paid a single penny into the system!

Why should I spend a lifetime paying into Social Security only to have it given to others who haven't paid in a single penny?

America is in far, far more danger then the 911 attacks. We MUST vote out the present administration in Washington.

Personally I intend to vote against EVERYONE in office now, from BOTH parties!


Help America's Troops

Get Basic Human Rights !

Did you know that while our politicians have the very best retirement plan in the world, that the soldiers that provide the very freedom we all live under do not even have basic human rights?

Did you know that Criminals in prison have far more rights then those who serve in the military protecting us?

If a criminal, even someone who has raped, and murdered children, has his TV taken from him in prison, or is punished in any way without "Due Process" he may sue and even receive substantial money damages for mere loss of a Constitutional Right.

Yet the brave troops who provide the freedom we all take for granted do not have Constitutional Rights. They lose their rights when they join the military. It is a form of punishment for being patriotic enough to defend their country.

It is appalling. It is inhuman. And it is wrong to make our military second class citizens without rights.

Because it is usually the rich who become politicians in this country, and most of them use their "Connections" to avoid real service like Gore becoming a photographer, or President "W" Bush serving in a boy scout like inactive Nation Guard Unit for rich kids, where he was allowed to do drugs, and desert for a year, there is a mind set in Washington that the military does not need Constitutional Rights, or even Basic Human Rights.

This same mind set by politicians, and a large part of the Republican Party, also has the belief, or "Mind Set" that we should forget America's Veterans, and that getting screwed is part of the price the average working guy must pay for serving his country.

After all, if you weren't born rich then you deserve to be in the lower class without any rights. At least that's the belief of most of America's Politicians.

If some corporation sells a defective tank to the Army, or an emotional disturbed Sergeant beats you half to death you cannot sue or complain. After all you have no rights while wearing an American Uniform.

Despite the media brain washing directed by Corporate America, blatantly lying and saying lawsuits hurt citizens, lawsuits are the most important safeguard in our country.

Lawsuits make doctors check their chart twice so they don't cut off the wrong leg. Lawsuits make auto makers test their cars to make sure they are safe. Lawsuits force the dishonest to be honest and that helps us all.

And American Troops that are hurt in defective vehicles, or killed due to wrongful conduct by military officials, should have the right to sue for redress.

That should not only be a Basic Human Right, but it would actually improve the military and make it safer for everyone.

That is what a group called VERPA is working on. They now have pending legislation known as the VERPA Act to address giving our military Basic Human Rights.

The result would be a better trained, more professional, military. Because negligence or dereliction of duty is about "individual accountability" for intentional, and deliberate, human, and constitutional rights, violations and they would be held accountable.

Isn't it about time our military had at least the same rights criminals in America have?

This Christmas YOU can be the one that makes a difference. YOU can give our troops Basic Human Rights.


Especially the families of American Service Men, and Women, and all Veterans. The VERPA Act of 2003 will hold accountable Congress to enforce existing laws to stop the abuses under the Feres Doctrine, and set the stage for wide-sweeping reforms in the DOD, Armed Forces, and VA.

Please go to www.verpa.org to learn more and sign their on-line petition to address your service connected injury or injustice denied redress by the DOD or VA.

And PLEASE.....write Senator Specter or call his office at 202-224-4254 and ask that he sponsor the VERPA Act.

Remember that YOU can make a difference.

Our young brave troops are standing watch for us all right now, putting their lives on the line. Can't YOU do this for them?

Give them Basic Human Rights. Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors to PLEASE contact your Congressman, your Senator, and DEMAND that the VERPA Bill be passed giving America's Finest Basic Human Rights.


Billy Ray Kidwell, VetsForJustice.com   



Do Your Part !  

 Veterans are UNITING at the grass roots. But not like we need to! Many people have been to our site and joined. We are constantly growing. Yet not like we need to if we are going to correct the many wrongs committed against America's Veterans.

We are a Civil Rights Group formed to expose, and seek to correct, the many injustices towards America's Veterans, and Retired Military. But you do NOT have to be a Veteran to join. This association is open to any Patriot.

If you have a family member, or friend, or just want to do the right thing and fight the appalling way America's Veterans, and Retired Military are treated, then YOU should join!

If you read about the wrongs our government commits against those who protect her, and you do nothing, if you do not join, or do not donate at least a dollar for the battle for justice, then YOU are just as guilty as those that are screwing our Veterans. Justice does not come without a cost.

PLEASE do your duty. Join. Donate. And go out of your way to send just three more people to this site. Tell your friends & neighbors. Tell your friends at work. At school. At the mall. Spread the word on the net.

The more people you tell....the LOUDER our voice! And the more good YOU will have done.

You will be helping ALL of America's Veterans, and Military Retirees !!!

More then you will ever know!



America's "Kill the Veteran" Program

Senators, and Congressmen, in BOTH parties, Federal Judges, and Officials in the Department of Veterans Affairs, have had an Official Policy of seeking to keep the cost of wars as low as possible by causing the death of as many Veterans as possible.

Each Veteran that dies, without receiving the benefits he is legally entitled to, results in a substantial savings in the cost of wars. That is why despite the Department of Veterans Affairs being able to process VA Disability Claims for it's own employees in as little as five days, that "Real Veterans" who are disabled and unable to work end up dieing of old age waiting for the government to process their claim.

At this site alone are stories of Veterans that have had their claim pending for 55 years, and the wife of a Green Beret whose husband died waiting for his disability exam, and how she carried his ashes to the VA for his exam to see if the government now agreed that he was disabled! The sad part is that these horror stories are not the rare cases, but the norm! The United States Government WANTS Veterans dead.

America's Veterans are not dieing fast enough, despite the hundreds of thousands of "pending" disability claims the Department of Veterans Affairs is just sitting on, waiting for the Veterans to die. Many of which have been pending 20 to 30 years or more.

Therefore, to reduce the number of Veterans, and save a substantial amount of money for his war machine, President Bush ORDERED the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, his close friend, Principi to "encourage" the death of America's Veterans by greatly reducing medical benefits to Veterans. To that end, Veterans with less then 50% Service-Connection are strung out and given medical appointments so far in the future that they should either be healed, or dead, by the time they are due to report to a doctor.

This is the future that awaits America's Military if they fall in battle in Bush's New Iraq War for Oil.

Don't they deserve better?



Attorneys  WANTED !!!

VetsForJustice.Com, Inc. is looking for experienced Civil Trial Attorneys, wanting to both make a name for themselves, and wanting to do a great service for America's Veterans, by filing a Class Action Civil Complaint against Fox News for it's Fraudulent Business Practices that severely harm a whole class of Citizens, to wit :  American Veterans, and Military Retirees.

We have the case law already researched, and Fox News has a history of Fraudulent News Tactics, and has lost a Florida Lawsuit on similar grounds.

If interested please contact the CEO of VetsForJustice.Com, Inc. by clicking HERE !




Exposed !

Doctor VA Exposes Medical Care for Veterans!

The Department of Veterans' Affairs has stripped medical experts of their titles in attempt to disguise the truth that most Veterans aren't seen by doctors.  To do this the VA, on all prescriptions, took away the title of doctor and or degrees.  They replaced the Doctor's name with just the individual's name who wrote the prescription.  And sometimes the VA will use the term Provider as a title before the name and place that on the prescription bottle. 

Every civilian doctor is opposed to the word "provider" because it is a term that has been imposed on America by insurance corporations in an attempt to down play the importance of doctors in the health field. And to "Trick" individuals into believing they are being seen by a doctor when in fact they may just be seeing a nurse.  A "provider" is  NON-PHYSICIAN PERSONNEL. Not a doctor!

The Point is Veterans should look at their prescription bottles, and see if they see the word doctor, or some degree designation. They won't because it is rare to find a real doctor in a VA medical facility, and the government does not want you to know that.  It's all about deception.



Our View

                                                        "W W C D"

What Would Congress Do?  by Bill Kidwell

  Congress does not take the injustices inflicted on America's Retired Military, and Veterans, seriously. But what would Congress do if they were subject to the exact same injustices?

What would congress do if the paperwork it took to get their paycheck took up to 55 years to process?

What would congress do if the agency processing their payment paperwork kept stealing necessary papers to delay the processing?

What would congress do if they had to wait at least six months to see a doctor when they were sick?

What would congress do if the doctor turned out to be an unlicensed foreigner, who spoke little English, or a nurse practitioner posing as a doctor?

What would congress do, if after serving 20 years in congress, the courts told them that their retirement benefits would be taken from them, because they were not properly authorized?

What would congress do if they had been FIRMLY promised those benefits by the government, and it was a major factor in their decision to serve 20 years in congress, yet it was unjustly stolen from them?

What would congress do if the Senators, and Congressmen, were told that if they became disabled after serving their 20 years, that they would lose their retirement, as punishment for becoming disabled?

What would congress do if they were told they could not contest none of these wrongs in Court, because they had lost their Constitutional Rights, as punishment, for serving their country?

What would congress do if after years of crying out about all this injustice, a Kangaroo Court was setup to "Appease" them, and hear their complaints. However, the Kangaroo Court was part of, and controlled, by the very same people cheating them, and was clearly a farce?

All of the above is the plight of today's Veterans. Yet the vast majority of America's Senators, and Congressmen, do not care because THEY HAVE THEIR BENEFITS!

It is not THEIR paycheck taking up to 55 years to process!

It is not THEIR medical care stolen from them!

It is not THEM who wait six months, or more, waiting just to see a doctor, and then receiving the lowest quality of medical care on earth!

Those in power do not care about America's Retired Military, and Veterans, once they no longer need us.

We are used for their wars and then thrown away like unwanted garbage.

We may not be able to change how rotten congress is. But if America's Veterans would UNITE together we can damn sure FIRE THEM!

And elect politicians that do care. Please do not vote Republican, or Democrat.




       Separation Code Update

Far  MORE  Serious then thought !

The big brother we all feared, where our every move is watched, and Civil Rights are just an illusion, has been in place, and controlling our federal government, since at least 1971. If you think these SDN, SPN, and SPD Codes are not important then the government has you completely fooled! For they have "Secretly" affected not only your life since you were discharged, but even your living standards. All without your knowledge.

In this, the first follow up to our exposure of the Secret Codes on your military discharge we have included a link with a list explaining each Code Number, and what it means, on Air Force Discharge Papers. Soon we shall also provide the numbers for the Army, Navy, and other branches of the service.

Now to explain WHY we say these Code Numbers are far more serious then thought, and how they have affected not only your life, but even your living standards. When you view the list of Code Numbers from the list link below you will see there is a Code for just about any kind of slanderous allegation one person could make against another. It's not just what you don't know, but WHO has a list of these Codes that harms you. And they wouldn't have the list of Codes,


Have you ever wanted to fly planes? Or work on planes or at an airport? Or even cut grass, wash windows, mop floors, or park cars at an airport? Well guess what, the Federal Aviation Administration has a Copy of the Codes.

Have you wanted to use your VA Rights to buy a house, or ever applied for a low cost HUD loan? Or even sought a job from HUD? Guess what, HUD has a copy of the Codes too!

How about a job at the post office? Or maybe as a Security Guard at the VA hospital, or any Civil Service Job? Yes the U.S. Civil Service Commission has the Codes too!

And of course America's Large Corporations have long had the SDN, SPN, and SPD Codes.

In fact, it would appear that EVERYONE in this country, EXCEPT  YOU  THE  VETERAN , has copies, and knows about these Secret Codes.

This has in all probability not only harmed you, and affected your lifestyle, your employment, and even home loans, but it has violated your Right to Know, and your Constitutional Rights to Due Process.

For how can you contest an incorrect, or frivolous Code, being used against you, when the Code is Secret, and the government, and news media, keep information about this Code from you!

The next question should be "WHY"?

Separation Codes



Hot Site!  "Race For Time"


Race For Time is an extremely patriotic site with a strange new twist. They use a novel approach to wake us up to the plight of America's Prisoners of War. If there was an Angel of the Internet Award this is the site that should get it.

Many of us are so busy fighting present Veteran Issues that we forget our POW's. Here at VetsForJustice.Com we find we are guilty of this. Thank God for sites like Race For Time that keep this issue alive.

The families of those still being held cannot forget. And we must not neither.

Please click on the Race For Time Picture above and go visit their wonderful site. And Remember.



Federal Court Conspiracy

Does the Washington D.C. Federal Court Accept BRIBES ?

And Does It Conspire Against Veterans?

What if you had a lawsuit in Federal Court and you weren't sure you could win. So you gave your brother, who is not a party in your lawsuit, a lot of money to spend on the judge to try to get the judge to see things your way.

You have your brother pay for the Federal Judge, and his wife, to come to an extremely high class resort where everything is free. Food, lodging, drinks, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, the world's best fishing. As if that isn't enough you pay for everything even related to the resort such as transportation, air fare, taxi's, hell even the tips!

Although "Any Reasonable Person" would know that this is a bribe you call it an "Educational Junket" and in between all the fun at this millionaire resort you toss in an "Educational Speech" describing why the Court should rule your way on lawsuits.

This is EXACTLY the way the Federal Courts in Washington, D.C., including the Appeals Court, SELLS Justice.

The only real difference is that instead of a brother the people buying the Court's influence uses a tax free Corporation called "Free".

The Federal Judges know that they are bribes. That they are supposed to be "Educated" to rule certain ways in return for these free vacations at millionaire-class resorts. In fact that is the reason many Federal Judges are not honest in reporting these "Free Educational Junkets".

The result of having such a corrupt Federal Court System is that the judges end up sticking together in "Cliques" like a kind of Judicial Mafia.

When there is clear corruption on a case, such as in the case of Disabled Veteran Billy Kidwell, where his complete VA Claim File was illegally destroyed by an overzealous prosecutor, Federal Judges all stick together covering up for each other.

Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson was a party in violating the Constitutional Rights of Disabled Veteran Kidwell, and being a Federal Judge above the law, she sat on motions by Veteran Kidwell 19 years refusing to rule on them. To cover all this up she has hid the records of Case 84-0399 for 19 years in direct violation of the Freedom of Information, and Privacy Acts.

She actually belongs in Federal Prison but being part of the Federal Judicial Mafia she can get by with murder.

The victim, Disabled Veteran Kidwell, complained to all 14 actives judges in the Federal Court in Washington, D.C. including the Chief Judge Hogan. All 14 judges received evidence of the crimes against Veteran Kidwell but not one responded, or took any action to correct the injustice.

Keep in mind that this is 14 Federal Judges that each took an oath to uphold the law, in the capital of the United States, and none of the 14 took any action to correct the injustice. All 14 remained silent to cover up for their fellow judges.

Next Chief Judge Hogan joined the cover-up to help his now crime partner Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson.

The victim, Disabled Veteran Kidwell, filed a number of formal Judicial Complaints in the D.C. Federal Court of Appeals.

In the Appeals Court Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg, with strong ties to the Free Group, is a judge that quickly accepts Free Vacations at millionaire resorts in return for being "Educated" on how to rule on certain cases. Naturally he denies all the judicial complaints against the lower Court by the victim, Disabled Veteran Kidwell.

That speaks very highly about his lack of morals.

Even though these "Educational Junkets" are legal any fool knows Justice is being sold.

In fact it is well documented that Federal Judges have admitted changing their rulings solely due to the Free Vacation. If nothing else it "taints" the proceedings and "should" violate Cannons of Ethics.

To see just how "honest" Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg really is lets look at some of his decisions on the many judicial complaints filed by the Veteran Victim, and/or, VetsForJustice on his behalf.

1. Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg found nothing wrong with a Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson being involved in illegally destroying a Disabled Veterans Complete Claim File.

2. Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg found nothing wrong with a Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson committing FRAUD in the Judgment Order in Case 84-0399.

3. Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg found nothing wrong with Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson refusing to allow an Appeal to be filed in Case 84-0399 despite the fact that everyone in America has a Constitutional Right to Appeal a Case, and it is a federal crime to violate someone's Constitutional Rights in such a manor.

4. Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg found nothing wrong with Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson illegally "sitting" on Motions for 19 years illegally denying the Veteran Access to the Courts for 19 years.

5. Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg found nothing wrong with Federal Judges Norma Holloway Johnson, and Thomas Hogan, blatantly violating the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act, and hiding the records of Case 84-0399 despite the fact that by law the case is "Supposed" to be a public record.

6. Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg is misusing his authority as a Federal Judge to cover up for fellow judges in the "Judicial Mafia" in Washington, D.C. and to illegally render the Judicial Complaint Process frivolous.

The Federal Courts are ROTTEN!

Isn't it time we cleaned them up so that Veterans could start finding a little justice?

Sign our Petition to get Federal Judges Norma Holloway Johnson, and Chief Judge Thomas F. Hogan IMPEACHED!

E-mail your Senator and Congressman and DEMAND the IMPEACHMENT of these rotten judges.

Justice starts one case at a time.

Demand that the public record of Case 84-0399 be actually made public and that the federal judges HIDING the record of that case be prosecuted!

Read and SIGN this Petition seeking a Criminal Investigation of the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. for

FRAUD against a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, and a cover up in Case 84-0399 . [Please SIGN the Petition!]


  Note: Federal Judges in the U. S. District Court in Washington D.C. are HIDING the Official Record of Case 84-0399 that is by law "Supposed" to be made Public.



What Is It Really Like To Live The Life & Death Of A Veteran ?

Eddie Knows !

I visited the web site of a hero. An all too often forgotten hero, discarded when his country no longer needed him, screwed by the VA, and many government officials that Eddie, and Veterans like Eddie, provided the very freedom they live under.

When he went to Senators and Congressmen for help they ignored him. Turned their backs. Did not have the time for the man who had given his all for the freedoms they take for granted. Please click here to go read about Eddie's Life. You will never feel the same about Veterans again.         Click to go to Eddie's Place !



Snake  Deck

Snake-Mouth Deck of Cards

Since the Bush Administration put together a deck of cards containing "Enemies of America" we decided that the idea was a great way to make the public aware of issues. So we are putting together a deck of downloadable cards of those who have betrayed America's Veterans. We call it the "Snake-Mouth Deck".

Click here to see the progress.



Interesting  Facts

• In 1933 Congress with the "Economy Act" took away the right of all Veterans to hire attorneys to fight their VA Claim and took away the Constitutional Right of all Veterans to go to Federal Court when the VA breaks the law cheating them out of benefits.
• VA Claims are processed in as little as five days for VA Employees, while claims for regular veterans have been documented to take twenty to fifty-five years, to process. Fifty-five years!
• VA Employees are actually paid a bonus to cheat veterans out of the benefits they earned.
• The VA is allowed to have thousands of attorneys to cheat Veterans. The VA may sue Veterans in Federal Court. But the Veteran may do neither.
• Only 4% of Veterans Claims are ever processed. In the rest the Veteran is frustrated, hurt, dismayed and has given up, dies waiting for the VA to process the claim, or in a very substantial number is actually driven to suicide by the very country he fought for.
• Across the country there are more then 300,000 Veterans waiting SIX MONTHS or MORE for their appointment with their primary care physician at the VA. Six months! (Expected to soon be up to a year!)
• The Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Anthony J. Principi, and VA General Counsel, Tim McClain, both have STRONG ties to the SAME private law firm in California.
• Federal Court Judges are "Paid Off" with FREE "Educational Vacations" by special interest groups.

• The United States Courts in Washington, D.C., including the Federal District Court, the Federal Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court, all have a long history of misusing their power  to betray Veterans. They "Play politics" by attempting to reduce the budget by cheating America's Veterans.

President Bush has betrayed America's Veterans at every turn, on every Veterans Issue. We need to remember his actions the next time we vote.



Newest Member of One Voice

We would like to welcome our newest member of ONE VOICE , Dan Hill, and his "Disabled Veterans Tax Site" . There site has a lot of valuable info. Please visit them by clicking HERE .







I, Gary Owen Kendall, domiciled at 2717 S. Vista, #214, Boise, ID 83704, do hereby attest, affirm, swear and so state that on the date of this confirmation email, I did cause to be legally served upon the following US government agencies, by email, the "VERPA Request for ICC Opinion and open letter to the US public", thereby fulfilling all legal requirement of NOTICE to the government agencies and the public.
The Office of the President of the United States of America
The Office of the Vice President of the United States of America
The Dept. of Justice and the Attorney General of the United States of America
The Department of Homeland Security of the United States of America
The Department of the Secretary of State of the United States of America
The Office of Public Affairs of the United States of America
The Democratic offices of the John Kerry for President campaign
The Offices of Burns Strider assistant to the Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi
signed: Gary Owen Kendall


Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, Inc.
P.O. Box 8225, Medford, OR 97504-0225
"Veterans & Families For Equal Justice Under Law"
Inc. December 1999

Chairman:  John McCarthy (CA) * Founder/Executive Director:  Jeffrey A. Trueman (PA)
Legislative Coordinator: Barbara Cragnotti (OR) * VA Abuse Coordinator:  Susan Bauer (IL)
Human Rights Coordinator:  Rusty Rustan (CA)  * Legal Coordinator:  Misha Coale (VA)
Gulf War S/I Coordinator:  Robert J. Jones (NC) * PR Coordinator:  Renee Thurlow (MI)
National Security Coordinator:  Mark Zeller (GA)
Web site: http://www.verpa.org

August 9, 2004



The Honorable Luis Moreno-Ocampo
Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court
Maanweg, 174
2516 AB The Hague
The Netherlands

Re:   Request for Advisory Opinion and Personal Meeting to discuss Crimes against
         Humanity and other American Constitutional Rights Violations arising out of the   
         United States Armed Forces and denied redress by the United States Government
         under the provisions of the "Feres Doctrine."

Dear Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo:

As the founder of (VERPA), I have been asked by our Board of Directors and supporters to
contact you. 


I am writing to seek an advisory opinion whether or not  you the International Criminal Court (ICC), possess jurisdiction to entertain a petition we wish to file with your office. 

We are searching for resolution of human and constitutional rights abuses being denied redress in our national (federal) court system under the provisions of the Feres Doctrine and condoned by the United States Congress. 

We have reason to believe the ICC is our last resort based upon the fact our national courts are unwilling to act and prevent the crimes being committed and condoned under the Feres Doctrine. 

I respectfully request, that prior to your deciding whether our petition to you is legally feasible, I be provided the opportunity to meet with you in person.   In the interim, the following information is provided for your review:

Who We Are

VERPA incorporated as an American military, veterans and families grassroots organization in 1999.  Our primary objective is to compel the United States Congress to act and remedy the 1950 United States Supreme Court decision entitled the Feres Doctrine.   Moreover, we are now a registered member of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC).  We are a very viable organization made up of Americans from all across the United States to include Citizens dating back to the inception of the Feres Doctrine.

It is our legal position the unconstitutional Feres Doctrine has afforded individual federal employees in the United States Department of Defense (DOD/Armed Forces) to engage in crimes against humanity, constitutional rights and systemic abuses to include, but not limited to the following wrongful acts or omissions:

(1), Murders, (2), Rapes, (3), human experimentation in violation of the Nuremberg Code, (Atomic Testing, LSD, Anthrax, other FDA un-approved inoculations), (4), failure to diagnose and treat Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome exposures leading to permanent injury and death, (5), Abuse of Power within military command structure and Gross Negligent Acts to include legal and medical malpractice, (6), Undue Command Influence, (7), Abuse and Double Standards under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), (8) Falsification of Official Documents, and (9), Abuse of the military’s mental health system to retaliate against service members who expose corruption in the DOD/Armed Forces. 

Please Note:  The aforementioned crimes have no bearing on legitimate military necessity and we do not seek redress of injury or injustice arising out of, or in the course of combat activities.  Matters arising out of the course of combat must be remedied under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to preserve "good order and discipline" in our military for the national defense of our country.  We love our country but condemn those individuals who abuse and betray their public trust positions and the American People.

What is the Feres Doctrine?

The Feres Doctrine is an exemption to what is known as the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) of 1946.  The FTCA is a statutory body of law passed by the United States Congress to waive "sovereign immunity" granting American citizens and others the right to petition our national courts to redress personal injury or death claims arising from the negligent acts of government employees.  However, on December 4, 1950, the United States Supreme Court decided Americans or other legally inducted persons serving in the United States Armed Forces were exempt from petitioning our national courts for redress of wrongs under the FTCA.  Thus, for the past 54 years we have been denied the fundamental First Amendment Right under the provisions of the United States Constitution to petition our federal courts for redress of wrongs.  

The Feres Doctrine grants "blanket immunity" and we assert, it is not only a danger to the national security of our country, it further violates the United States Constitution.  This judicially created body of law has resulted to date in 54 years of unthinkable human and constitutional rights abuses of Americans serving in the United States Armed Forces. 

Question Presented to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Does the United States Supreme Court decision entitled the "Feres Doctrine" allow  United States federal government employees to engage in human and civil rights abuses in violation of the United States Constitution and International Law?

ICC Jurisdiction

We believe the ICC holds jurisdiction to entertain VERPA's petition to redress the crimes against humanity and constitutional rights abuses as set forth above in our list of grievances, based upon the following factors:

         a.    On July 1, 2002, the ICC Tribunal was legally established in the wake of the Rome Treaty.   

         b.    Since October 8, 2002, (three months after the ICC formed), VERPA has been working with the United States Senate Judiciary Committee and provided this official body with the very grievances stated herein in the wake of its hearings on the Feres Doctrine injustice.  Since that hearing, we have worked with Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), specifically and provided substantial case studies and evidence to support abolishment of the Feres Doctrine via our proposed legislation entitled "The Military and Veterans Equal Rights Protection Act of 2003."  Unfortunately, just as we were informed by Senator Specter's office the language of our proposed legislation to remedy the Feres Doctrine was approved by legal counsel.  Unfortunately, since that time all communications from Senator Specter's office suddenly ceased.  In sum, all 100 Members of the United States Senate and over half the United States Congress have been notified of our grievances and provided with copies of our proposed legislation.  There is a chilling silence coming from our government on the subject matter of the Feres Doctrine and we now believe as a last resort, the ICC must intervene and investigate our claims of atrocities being committed and condoned at the highest levels of the United States federal government.


The Legal Position of the United States Government re;  The Feres Doctrine

The United States government's position has been the Feres Doctrine is a necessary body of law to preserve "good order and discipline" in our military.  To the contrary, we (VERPA) assert the Feres Doctrine has proven itself to be very dangerous to the national security of our Country and the preservation of individual human and constitutional rights.   

Since the inception of the Feres Doctrine the United States Supreme Court has maintained it is the United States Congress who holds the "ready remedy" to correct the Feres Doctrine injustice.  Our Congress refuses to act and remedy this unconstitutional judicial body of law.  Although there are many judges, scholars, professors, lawyers and advocates and American families who seek abolishment of the Feres Doctrine due to the crimes being covered up there under in our national court system, the strongest argument with regard to the unfairness and dangers of the Feres Doctrine was cited in the dissenting opinion of United States Supreme Court Justice Scalia in the matter of United States v. Johnson, (1987).  Justice Scalia's dissent states in part:

   "Feres was wrongly decided and heartily deserves the widespread, almost  universal criticism it has received." Furthermore, "Congress's inaction regarding  this doctrine and its doing little, if anything in the way of modifying it to prevent  Constitutional claims is clearly unjust and irrational. Again, allowing such power to military leaders can and does result in abuse therefore, where are the checks and balances on the military."

For example, the ongoing Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal is exactly what we as Americans are subjected to under the Feres Doctrine.

Standing to file a Petition with the ICC

On June 17, 2004, I argued in the matter of Trueman v. Rumsfeld, et al., bona fide claims of human, constitutional and systemic corruption within the command, legal and medical systems of the United States Armed Forces. 

The case arose from my January 13, 1994, involuntary-honorable discharge from our military wherein, I was illegally discharged via abuse of the military's mental health system to silence and discredit claims of fraud, waste and abuse.  I challenged the Feres Doctrine as unconstitutional and charged it allows for the falsification of military records and unlawfully reprisals wherein honorable men and women who expose corruption in our Country's armed forces, are being criminally ordered into the mental health system to discredit their bona fide claims.  This is of course a human rights abuse.  (For the record, my exemplary military record was investigated and used for a 1999 ABC News 20/20 program entitled "An Abuse of Power?") which dealt my claims of human rights abuses in our military. 

On July 29, 2004, I received a fax from the federal district court in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania informing me the presiding Judge, Clifford Scott Green dismissed the entire complaint based upon runs in statute of limitations.  I must argue crimes against humanity, treason or treachery, have no statute of limitations in the United States of America.  Therefore, on behalf of other similarly situated Americans denied the right to petition our national courts for redress of wrongs, I have perfected a notice of appeal based upon 1) abuse of discretion, 2), clear error and 3) obstruction of justice.  Moreover, I fully intend to include all VERPA case studies and others submitted in our "Official Statement for the Public Record" held by the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, to further my appeal based upon "obstruction of justice" and for the good of all Americans denied equal justice under the laws of the United States of America. 

Therefore, as Americans betrayed by our federal government's abuse of the Feres Doctrine, we reasonably believe we have standing to petition the ICC for redress of grievances being obstructed within our national courts.  Again, our evidence dates back to the inception of the Feres Doctrine.


We believe the ICC holds jurisdiction over United States federal government employees to investigate their crimes against humanity and constitutional rights abuses we have set forth in this letter.  For more information about our organization and the subject matter of the Feres Doctrine please see our web site at www.verpa.org.

I am planning to attend the September 2004, "CICC" conference at The Hague and if an appointment  between you and I can be set to coincide with this event, it would assist us  greatly in our pursuit of justice! 

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time and consideration of this most important letter.   I respectfully request confirmation this email was received. 
Very truly yours,
Jeffrey A. Trueman
Founder, VERPA
bcc:  VERPA Board of Directors



Measuring Those Who Want to be President

Senator Kerry

Question from DAV

Do you support provision of concurrent receipt to veterans rated 40 percent or less and will your administration actively work to bring it about? Why or why not?

Do you support elimination of the phase-in period for concurrent receipt? Why or why not?


Kerry Response to the above question from the DAV on the Disabled Veterans Tax ;

"I believe military retirees who have a service-connected disability should receive both military retired pay and disability compensation.

I agree with DAV that any offset of military retirement pay and disability compensation is unjust. No other category of federal employee is subject to this kind of unfairness and it must stop.

 Far too often in our history veterans’ benefits are cut or reduced based solely upon budgetary considerations. There are plenty of places to cut back in government –but benefits for veterans are not one of them.

As president, I will actively push for full concurrent receipt.

I fully supported a successful amendment, offered by my colleague Senator Reid, to this year’s defense bill that would eliminate this ten-year phase-in period for those military retirees who are rated 100 percent service-connected disabled.

This is the right thing to do, but we must do more. We must eliminate this phase-in period for all military retirees.

The average age of our World War II veterans is 83, for our Korean War veterans it is 70. It is estimated that 1000 World War II veterans die every day.

How can we ask these brave Americans to wait another decade for a benefit that should have been theirs yesterday, and should most certainly be theirs today?

Eliminating this phase-in period, and providing full concurrent receipt, will be a priority of my administration."


The Facts

1. The Democratic Party, especially in the form of Congressman Marshall from Georgia, and Nancy Pelosi, have been very active in seeking full relief on the Disabled Veterans Tax. In fact it was Congressman Marshall that gave this issue the proper name. Senator Kerry has voted along these party lines however he has not been a star on abolishment of the Disabled Veterans Tax like Congressman Marshall, or Nancy Pelosi.

2. Senator Kerry has voted favorably on abolishing the Disabled Veterans Tax.


Summary from Facts

Senator Kerry is not as good a friend of the Veteran as he implies, however he is clearly light-years better then President Bush.

There is a much better chance the Disabled Veterans Tax will be abolished if Senator Kerry is elected President.

President Bush

Question from DAV

Do you support provision of concurrent receipt to veterans rated 40 percent or less and will your administration actively work to bring it about? Why or why not?

Do you support elimination of the phase-in period for concurrent receipt? Why or why not?

Bush Response to the above question from the DAV on the Disabled Veterans Tax ;

"I have addressed the issue of "concurrent receipt" for military retirees in a fair and responsible manner.

My Administration has been the first to act on allowing military retirees to receive both disability compensation and retirement pay.

I have twice signed into law legislation effectively allowing military retirees to receive VA disability compensation without having to offset the amount from their retirement benefits.

This policy for those military retirees most deserving – combat injured and highly-disabled veterans – finally reverses, for the first time, a century-old prohibition on concurrent receipt."


 The Facts

1. President Bush stated that he would VETO any relief on the Disabled Veterans Tax and considers it "Double Dipping" which is why he refers to it as "Concurrent Receipt".

2. President Bush, and his Republican Party attempted to bury the Disabled Veterans Tax Issue in Committee. A tactic used by politicians for a century.

3. President Bush, and his Republican Party, united against a Discharge Petition introduced by Democratic Congressman Marshall to force a vote on the Disabled Veterans Tax.

4. Both Grassroots Veterans Groups, and the established Veterans Groups, UNITED bringing great pressure on President Bush, and the Republican Congress to reverse their stand on the Disabled Veterans Tax.

5. In response to the massive pressure, and a Veteran "Out the door in 2004" promise the Republican Party, and President Bush, passed partial relief on the Disabled Veterans Tax, designed so that most Veterans being cheated will die before receiving a penny.


Summary from Facts

The response from President Bush is both misleading, and dishonest.

President Bush does not support abolishing the Disabled Veterans Tax, nor does he have any intent to do so.

President Bush will ONLY correct this injustice if forced to do so.







Be Sure to Check Out the Petitions Page

And the New Petition seeking to Give Veterans

The Right to Hire Counsel


Click here to go to the Petitions Page.







                It  Was  a  Lie !!!               

Please Call  877-762-8762 toll free, the US Capitol Switchboard

Rep. Roy Blunt,

 Sen. Kit Bond & Jim Talent


Support HR.3474 & S.3065

Hollis Stanford,  CWO US Army, Retired


For more info, or to more fully understand this issue click on this line.

And when you Vote REMEMBER the politicians

that have fought to STEAL the Medical Benefits


All YOU have to fight with is your vote. Don't waste it!!!!

Remember WHO is keeping YOUR benefits from YOU.


For More Information on the Thief of Medical Care from Our Retired Military by President Bush.


Veterans Are Waking Up !!!

In the past week we have been contacted by at least 6 new major Veterans sites wanting to link with us. A couple of television stations have contacted us, 2 newspapers, 4 radio stations, and even the BBC. We are working on the new links and an article to explain all but in a nut shell Veterans are fed up and starting to UNITE again to DEMAND fair treatment, and the benefits that we earned.

Despite some Veterans that don't have the morals to keep their "Out the Door in 2004 Promise" or the courage to USE their vote to get rid of politicians that betray us, it seems that the vast majority of Veterans DO have the morals, and guts.

And we intend to VOTE AGAINST every politician that has betrayed us, especially Deserter Bush.

Keep checking back for more info.



Veterans Movement Being HARMED

by Traitors !!!


It seems that Veterans are being harmed on all fronts. A short time ago we were united and strong on the internet fighting the Disabled Veterans Tax, the thief of medical benefits earned by 20 years, or more, of military service, the FERES Doctrine, injustices in the VA, and other Veterans Issues.


President Bush, and his Republican Congress, UNITED against us to fight us. President Bush even ordered the Justice Department to fight the Colonel Day Lawsuit Group.


America's Veterans stayed UNITED behind several political heroes helping us such as Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Freshman Congressman Democrat Marshall from Georgia who united us behind a Discharge Petition to get the Disabled Veterans Tax Issue out of Committee where the Republicans were trying to bury it.


Out the door in 2004 was the Veterans Battle Cry. That motto could be seen at just about every Veterans Site and in every Veterans E-Mail.


Our vote is all we have as Veterans to fight the injustices.


In the last year the slick politicians tossed us a few crumbs and the Veterans Movement started falling apart. And now many Veterans, who are more politician then Veteran, are betraying their brother Veterans by supporting the very politicians that betrayed us.


If our word to vote out the politicians that betray us on Veterans Issues is not kept, then we have NOTHING to deal with, and we will forever be cheated.


To make it even worst, Republican Veterans are busy with art programs making fake photos of Vietnam Veteran Kerry with Jane Fonda, and sending e-mails with all kinds of lies about Kerry.


It seems that they will do anything to win, and are trying to deceive their fellow Veterans solely for politics.


If you are a REAL, 100% Veteran, then when you get that garbage LET THE SENDER KNOW HOW YOU FEEL, AND THAT YOU WILL NOT BE TRICKED!


That YOU intend to give Veterans clout to solve injustices by making the Veteran Vote important. A REAL Veteran will keep their promise to vote AGAINST those politicians that have betrayed us. Our vote is all we have. Don't let someone trick you out of it with lies. Research the facts on the internet. Search the internet under Prescott Bush, Neal Bush, Jeb Bush, and George Bush and see the kind of scum that those Veteran Traitors are supporting.


Do a search under Kerry and Kerry fake picture, and see the kind of dirty tricks that are being used to cheat you out of your vote.


Out the door in 2004!





Our View

If Senator Kerry betrayed Veterans by exposing the revolting acts that took place in Vietnam, then under the same theory all Veterans that support President Bush, and the Republican Congress, both of which have screwed Veterans on every Veteran Issue, are traitors to their brother Veterans, and the Veteran Movement.

There is no excuse. You are either against Bush, and his Republican Congress, or you are a TRAITOR betraying your fellow Veterans.

Billy Ray Kidwell

Founder, www.VetsForJustice.com


Senate Military Widows Tax Relief

Will Go Into Effect

Two Years After Wife Dies!!!

The United States Senate is at it again with their con games wanting to "appear" to support Veterans, and retired military, while still stealing from us.

Both the U.S. Senate and House have passed legislation to eliminate the military "Widows Tax" the reduction from 55% to 35% of retired pay which takes place when the widow reaches age 62. There is a catch, however. The House version of the bill phases out the reduction over a 3 ˝ year period so that by April 2008 it is eliminated. The Senate version phases it out over a ten year period so that it is not eliminated until October 2014.
Both of these phase-outs ostensibly save money (at the expense of the widows it might be noted). The next step in the legislative process will be to convene a House/Senate Conference to resolve the differences between the two versions. Conferees will come primarily from the Armed Services Committees of both houses. Beyond question the Conferees ought to agree to the shorter phase-out period provided in the House bill. Why? Because analysis shows that the Senate version singles out World War II widows for treatment that is best described as shabby.
Consider a man who joined the service in 1942 and then stayed on after WWII to serve his country in spite of one of the greatest demobilizations in history. If he stayed until retirement with 30 years of service, he would most likely have served also in the Korean and Vietnam wars. If his wife were 20 years old in 1942, and he is now deceased, she would be an 82 year old widow today.
According to U.S. Government statistics, an 82 year old American female has an average life expectancy of about 8 years. So if she fit the averages, she would die in 2012 at age 90 without ever seeing the full 55% of her husband's retired pay which he and she were promised, because the Senate bill doesn't fully phase in this reform until 2 years after she's gone.
The widows of Korean veterans without WWII service fare only a little better, and most widows of later wars should receive the full benefit of this reform, even under the Senate version (that's assuming the President signs the final bill and doesn't veto it).
But why should the widows of our Greatest Generation be the ones to be left out of the reform? WWII veterans including those who stayed on to serve in extra wars are dying at the rate of more than a thousand a day. We praise their sacrifices, we give speeches in wonder and awe at their bravery on D-Day and on world-wide battle fields, we dedicated a memorial to them (although we almost waited too late) and we acknowledge we owe a debt to them that never can be adequately repaid.
It's unconscionable that the Senate should now render a slap in the face to this group of warriors by putting off this reform until most of their widows are dead or too old and infirm to even realize that the reform has occurred.
We must call or write, letting our Senators and Representative know that we want him/her to support acceptance of the House version of the military survivors benefit reform and not penalize (even if unintended) WWII veterans and their widows. James M. Eubanks 10950A Calvert Road, North Mobile, Alabama. 36608-9150 Tel # (251) 634-1264. jeubanks@zebra.net



Hot Veterans Site !!!


There are a lot of Veterans Sites out there but rarely do we come across a site this truthful, plain spoken, and out and out educational. In additional to being entertaining!

At the "I got screwed by the VA" site they expose the extreme injustices, and inhuman treatment, at the VA in a humor-like way, to avoid crying. This is indeed a new way to get the message across and it appears to be extremely effective.

Getting the word out is the only way to raise the public awareness, and increase our voice, to someday find fair treatment. And you can leave your horror story about VA treatment (or the lack thereof) for others to read.

This is a MUST VISIT Veterans site! Click here to go to I got screwed by the VA.



Lawsuit: Vietnam-Era DOD Secretary Robert McNamara, Current VA and DOD Officials Allegedly Covered Up Medical Records

Former Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara is among 11 defendants named in two first-of-their-kind class action lawsuits for allegedly covering up medical records without which veterans of atomic, biological and chemical warfare testing cannot receive needed medical and other benefits.

The plaintiffs include veterans, their families, and the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), who allege a deliberate and
ongoing cover-up by U.S. government officials to conceal and ignore relevant records, many of which are personal medical records that would allow them to seek proper benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the often devastating long-term health effects of the government's testing of weapons of mass destruction.

We are extremely proud of the Vietnam Veterans of America, and the law firm of Shaw Pittman for having the courage to take on the uninhibited, ongoing, Official Policy of the Department of Veterans Affairs to hide, destroy, and/or otherwise tamper with Veterans Records to cheat them out of benefits that they earned.

For the rest of the story click here



Dennis F. Bradley for U.S. Senate !

We now have a REAL Veteran running for the U.S. Senate in Florida. A Veteran activist that has worked for Veterans Issues on the Internet, and who will remember us in the United States Senate. A member of the Veterans Party of Florida.

All Veterans need to put aside our petty differences, that those in power use to divide us, and UNITE behind Dennis F. Bradley, and the new Veterans Party.

The Veterans Party is new, and may have issues some of us disagree with, however most people do not agree with everything THEIR present political party stands for. We need to UNITE in one party, as Veterans, and work together to get any "bugs" out of this new political party.

Either we will stand together.....or we will continue to be victims. Dennis F. Bradley Web Site



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