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                Beirut Peacekeeping Stamp Initiative

21years ago Shi’ite Muslim terrorists murdered 241 Marines and Navy personnel along with 58 French Paratroopers in Beirut, Lebanon. Does anyone remember? Does anyone care?

The Beirut Veterans of America are petitioning the US Postal Service for a stamp to honor those lost in one of the first acts of terrorism towards Americans on October 23, 1983. The stamp is also in memory of those who died while serving both before and after the bombing. Please support us in our stamp initiative to remember our fallen brothers.

"Our First Duty is to Remember"
Semper Fi

                      Veterans Basic Right to Counsel

Too long Americans have lost their Constitutional Rights, as a form of punishment for serving their country. One of the most BASIC of rights is the right to hire an Attorney. To make sure Veterans can be cheated, and to make sure there is not a "level playing field", fairness, and honesty, in the processing of VA Claims, the government has had a policy, and has passed laws taking the Right of Counsel away from Veterans processing their claims. This GREAT Petition seeks to change that. If you never sign another Petition you NEED to sign this one. And you need to get your mother, father, brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, and friends to sign. Rarely is there an issue this important for Veterans! 

                                              Veterans Against Corruption                

    If you believe that there is CORRUPTION within the Department of Veterans Affairs that all Veterans are not treated Equal, VA employees and lawyers break the law and are never held accountable.
Then we need you to join our fight, by signing our petition. We are preparing A VETERANS REPORT TO CONGRESS, it’s a detailed account of a KOREAN VETERAN, who was FRAUDULENTLY DENIED SERVICE ­CONNECTED BENEFITS for 40 years.

The DIRECT EVIDENCE he has proves that the DVA employees and Lawyers can, ALTER, FALSIFY, REMOVE, WITHHOLD AND DESTROY A Veterans records and are never held accountable.

                         VA Regulation Enforcement

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a program called LAPP. Most VA home loans are processed by lenders under the LAPP program. All lenders under the program are required to follow VA regulations, to insure that veterans aren't over paying in interest and settlement Charges. And to insure the property being purchased is structurally sound, safe and sanitary. When a lender violates VA regulations the VA has the authority to sanction the lender. The problem is that the VA has no system set in place wherein a veteran can file a complaint against the lender, so that the VA may sanction them. My petition will create a program to allow veterans to file a complaint and recoup any losses they may have suffered. It will also save millions in tax dollars. Every time a veteran goes into default the lender is required to contact the VA, so that the VA can offer the veteran options to cure the default. They can loan the veteran money, allow for extra time for a veteran who has suffered a hardship to get on there feet, and many more options. Lenders aren't notifying the VA, thus thousands of foreclosures happen every year. The tax payers get stuck paying the bill, when the VA has to pay the lender the loan guaranty. With this petition there would be less foreclosures saving veterans their homes and tax payers millions.

                                               Stop the Torture of America's Veterans

The Torture of America's Veterans -- America has both a legal, and moral, duty to care for her veterans. Those who have fallen in battle fighting to protect the freedoms we all enjoy.
Yet, many veterans who have fell in battle 20 years ago, and longer, are still waiting for their disability claims to be processed.
There are laws that clearly award benefits to veterans, and their families. Laws that give veterans specific rights. Yet those laws are blatantly violated, and ignored by the United States Government.
There appears to be a conspiracy by powerful individuals in the United States Government to keep the budget of the Bureau of Veterans Affairs low, by an Illegal Policy of Cheating America’s Veterans.


                     Disability Compensation Injustice

I am writing to secure enactment and funding for H.R. 303, a bill that would end the current practice of deducting disabled military retirees' VA disability compensation from the retired pay they earned for completing a career of uniformed service.
Military retired pay and veteran’s disability compensation are two entirely different things, paid for different purposes --- and one should not offset the other. Each of these is earned in its own right --- retired pay for a career of arduous military service, and disability compensation for the pain, suffering, and lost future earnings resulting from service-incurred disabilities. Under the current law, many members with decades of uniformed service are forced to forfeit most or all of their military retired pay to receive the same disability compensation available to a similarly disabled member with only a few years of military service. This unfairly denies the compensation value they are due for their extended career of service in the uniform of their country.

                         Time Limit for Processing Claims

We want a statute passed, and firmly enforced, requiring that it take no longer then 12 months [1year] to fully process veterans’ claims for benefits.

We want to make it a felony with a penalty of seven years [maximum] or two years [minimum] in prison for any individual to tamper with, delay, or otherwise hinder the processing of a VA Claim for Benefits. In such a case, the veteran will be granted his claim in full.

Requesting Legislative Reform Of The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act.

We believe that the USFSPA discriminates against members of the Uniformed Services.

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