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FROM 1971 TO 2005


Every VA Claim Tainted

From 1971 to the present the former VA, now Department of Veterans Affairs, has been rigging VA Claims to purposefully cheat Veterans by illegally destroying "favorable" evidence in Veterans Claim Files.

If you filed a VA Claim anytime since 1971 there is an extremely good chance that your claim has been tampered with by VA Officials scheming to cheat you.

From 1971 to 1994 Attorney Lawrence R. Gottfried served as Attorney and Advisor to the Board of Veterans Appeals. According to testimony in federal court out of every 38 Veterans Files that Attorney Gottfried handled he would remove and destroy evidence favorable to the Veteran in 32 of the Claim Files.

For at least 23 years, from 1971 to 1994, 32 of every 38 Veteran Claim Files were tampered with.

The result was that the vast majority of Veterans that returned from war disabled, and entitled, to benefits had their benefits stolen from them by the very agency entrusted with administrating their benefits.

In August 1990 Attorney Jill L. Rygwalski started working for the Board of Veterans Appeals. From August 1990 to February 1994 she destroyed thousands of documents "favorable" to Veterans Claims.

That means for at least 4 years, from 1990 to 1994, there were at least TWO different attorneys on the Board of Veterans Appeals illegally destroying Veterans Records with the INTENT to cheat Veterans.

The motive?

It has ALWAYS been the VA Policy to pay a very substantial bonus to VA Employees in the form of an "efficiency" bonus if they cheat Veterans and quickly close the case.

The Secretary of the VA, and politicians in BOTH political parties may play dumb, but believe me they know what is going on. The motive is to promise VA benefits to get people to enlist to fight wars, while stealing the benefits from the returning wounded to keep the cost of war as low as possible.

President Bush does not bat an eye as he gives 30 billion in aid to Turkey, 100 billion to Pakistan, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to any Iraqi who wants to start a business, yet he will cringe if the government gives a "free" meal to one of the wounded soldiers fighting his war.

It's not just Bush, BOTH Political Parties know what is going on. They know the little guy in America is being conned, that the government has no intention of providing an HONEST benefits system for America's Military, and Veterans.


Scheme Against All Veterans

The VA Office of General Counsel KNOWS not only about Attorneys Lawrence R. Gottfried, and Jill L. Rygwalski, but about the many other attorneys working for the VA using the same "tactics", not only at the Board of Veterans Appeals, but in VA Regional Offices all over the country.

As Veterans in those "classes" of Veterans having their VA Records illegally destroyed file lawsuits in the Federal Courts, or in the Court of Appeals for Veterans, the VA Office of General Counsel from 1971 to the present has fought the Veteran to OBSTRUCT Justice.

The VA Office of General Counsel will hide records, and not be honest, when Veterans seek records with the Freedom of Information, or Privacy Act.

The VA Office of General Counsel will destroy evidence and lie to Federal Judges to prevail, like it did in Case 84-0399 in the DC District Court when Veteran Kidwell sued the VA.

The Office of General Counsel destroyed Kidwell's Complete VA Claim File, and lied to Federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson saying their was no file.


Court of Appeals for Veterans RIGGED !

Numerous Veterans like Tommy Hubbert went to the Court of Veterans Appeals and provided PROOF VA Attorneys were committing crimes, lying to the Courts, and falsifying evidence.

The Court of Appeals for Veterans told Veteran Victim Tom Hubbert that such conduct by the VA Office of General Counsel was acceptable.

It should be noted that the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals for Veterans is the FORMER GENERAL COUNSEL FOR THE VA !

Can anyone spell "Kangaroo Court" ???

The founder of VetsForJustice.Com is presently before the Court of Appeals for Veterans with a Mandamus Petition seeking to EXPOSE the massive corruption in the VA from 1971 to the present. It is Case 04-2447.

Kidwell filed evidence that the Chief Judge of the Veterans Court is a corrupt former VA Attorney. The Veterans Court refused to file the documents Kidwell sent.

Kidwell filed government documents proving the VA Office of General Counsel destroyed evidence in Case 84-0399 and lied to a federal judge. That the VA Office of General Counsel OBSTRUCTS Justice.

The Veterans Court keeps covering up and refusing to make the VA explain why they lied to a federal judge and destroyed documents.


How it affects YOU !!!

If you have a VA Claim the odds are that YOU have had documents "favor" to your claim illegally destroyed by VA Officials. In the least the VA will lie about the evidence, or how severe your disability is, all as part of their ongoing scheme to keep the cost of war low, so that the money they steal from Veterans can be given away as foreign aid.

YOU need to STOP being a victim. Here's what YOU can do.


1. UNITE with other Veterans. Politicians listen to numbers.

2. Never give up.

3. Go to our Veterans Help Page and file a Mandamus Petition.

4. Write, and file a Complaint with the bar association of the Veterans Court Judge that screws you.

5. Write both your local newspaper and national news media demanding that they do stories exposing these benefit con games being inflicted on America's Veterans.

Click Here for a good news media contact page.

Remember YOU can make a difference!

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