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Where's the Great Treatment ?


President Trump signed a $670 Billion Defense Spending Bill with the largest Military Pay Raise in ten years. But President Trump didn't have a single penny to give our Military that fall in battle, America's Disabled Veterans, as a Pay Raise.

As far as President Trump is concerned America's Disabled Veterans can eat out of garbage cans, and starve to death.

While America's Military deserve every penny they make, those that fall in battle, defending this country, becoming Disabled Veterans are human too. They also deserve Pay Raises, and REAL benefits.

While the Iraq, Afghistan, and more recent Disabled Veterans, have a much eaiser time getting their benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, most Vietnam Era Disabled Veterans, after fifty (50) years, are still being cheated, and many, after fifty (50) years, have never had one honest day in Court on benefits the Veterans Administration is still stealing from them.

Is this treating our Veterans "Great" President Trump?

If you want to start treating Veterans fair give them a Pay Raise, like you did to our Military.

And ORDER the Department of Veterans Affairs to stop their many criminal schemes to cheat America's Older Disabled Veterans, and give them just one honest day in Court on their claims.

We have EARNED that much!


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